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20173D printed lattices as an activation and expansion platform for T cell therapyDelalat, B.; Harding, F.; Gundsambuu, B.; De-Juan-Pardo, E.; Wunner, F.; Wille, M.; Jasieniak, M.; Malatesta, K.; Griesser, H.; Simula, A.; Hutmacher, D.; Voelcker, N.; Barry, S.
2012AASM criteria for scoring respiratory events: interaction between apnea sensor and hypopnea definitionThornton, A.; Singh, P.; Ruehland, W.; Rochford, P.
2007Ablation of D1 dopamine receptor-expressing cells generates mice with seizures, dystonia, hyperactivity, and impaired oral behaviorGantois, I.; Fang, K.; Jiang, L.; Babovic, D.; Lawrence, A.; Ferreri, V.; Teper, Y.; Jupp, B.; Ziebell, J.; Morganti-Kossmann, M.; O'Brien, T.; Nally, R.; Schutz, G.; Waddington, J.; Egan, G.; Drago, J.
2011Accelerated maturation and abnormal morphology in the preterm neonatal kidneySutherland, M.; Gubhaju, L.; Moore, L.; Kent, A.; Dahlstrom, J.; Horne, R.; Hoy, W.; Bertram, J.; Black, M.
2012An accidental andrologistSetchell, B.
2018Accuracy of W' recovery kinetics in high performance cyclists-modeling intermittent work capacityBartram, J.; Thewlis, D.; Martin, D.; Norton, K.
2018Acute high-intensity exercise impairs skeletal muscle respiratory capacityLayec, G.; Blain, G.; Rossman, M.; Park, S.; Hart, C.; Trinity, J.; Gifford, J.; Sidhu, S.; Weavil, J.; Hureau, T.; Amann, M.; Richardson, R.
2014Adequate dietary vitamin D and calcium are both required to reduce bone turnover and increased bone mineral volumeLee, A.; Sawyer, R.; Moore, A.; Morris, H.; O'Loughlin, P.; Anderson, P.; 16th Vitamin D Workshop (11 Jun 2013 - 14 Jun 2013 : San Francisco, CA, USA)
2015ADVAN-style analytical solutions for common pharmacokinetic modelsAbuhelwa, A.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.
2014Advancing drug therapy for brain tumours: a current review of the pro-inflammatory peptide substance P and its antagonists as anti-cancer agentsMander, K.; Harford-Wright, E.; Lewis, K.; Vink, R.
2017Age as a confounding factor for the accurate non-invasive diagnosis of advanced NAFLD fibrosisMcPherson, S.; Hardy, T.; Dufour, J.; Petta, S.; Romero-Gomez, M.; Allison, M.; Oliveira, C.; Francque, S.; van Gaal, L.; Schattenberg, J.; Tiniakos, D.; Burt, A.; Bugianesi, E.; Ratziu, V.; Day, C.; Anstee, Q.
2014Aging, cortical injury and Alzheimer's disease-like pathology in the guinea pig brainBates, K.; Vink, R.; Martins, R.; Harvey, A.
2011Air embolism: an unusual cause of delayed death following gunshot wound to the chestTemlett, J.; Byard, R.
2009The Alcohol Treatment Outcome Measure (ATOM): A new clinical tool for standardising outcome measurement for alcohol treatmentSimpson, M.; Lawrinson, P.; Copeland, J.; Gates, P.
2011Algorithmic treatment of Kienböck disease; Beyond stagingBain, G.; Lichtman, D.
2014Altered dynamic foot kinematics in people with medial knee osteoarthritis during walking: A cross-sectional studyArnold, J.; Mackintosh, S.; Jones, S.; Thewlis, D.
2010Alzheimer type II astrocytes in the brains of pigs with salt poisoning (water deprivation/intoxication)Finnie, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Williamson, M.
2015Amitriptyline pharmacologically preconditions rat hearts against cardiac ischemic-reperfusion injuryLee, S.; Hutchinson, M.; Staikopoulos, V.; Saint, D.
2001Analysis of human skeletal and dental remains from Metaponto (7th - 2nd c. B.C.)Henneberg, M.; Henneberg, R.; Convegno di studi sulla Magna Grecia (40th : 2000 : Taranto, Italy)
2013Anatomy and portalsMcGuire, D.; Bain, G.