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2011Inhibitors of histone deacetylases in class I and class II suppress human osteoclasts in vitroCantley, M.; Fairlie, D.; Bartold, P.; Rainsford, K.; Le, G.; Lucke, A.; Holding, C.; Haynes, D.
2011Impact of KRAS and BRAF gene mutation status on outcomes from the phase III AGITG MAX Trial of capecitabine alone or in combination with Bevacizumab and Mitomycin in advanced colorectal cancerPrice, T.; Hardingham, J.; Lee, C.; Weickhardt, A.; Townsend, A.; Wrin, J.; Chua, A.; Shivasami, A.; Cummins, M.; Murone, C.; Tebbutt, N.
2011Evolution of human tuberculosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of paleopathological evidenceHolloway, K.; Henneberg, R.; de Barros Lopes, M.; Henneberg, M.
2011Pharmacological and physiological characterization of the tremulous jaw movement model of parkinsonian tremor: potential insights into the pathophysiology of tremorCollins-Praino, L.; Paul, N.; Rychalsky, K.; Hinman, J.; Chrobak, J.; Senatus, P.; Salamone, J.
2011Expression and function of TRP channels in liver cellsRychkov, G.; Barritt, G.
2011Why measuring accessibility is important for public health: a review from the Cardiac ARIA projectClark, R.A.; Coffee, N.
2011Algorithmic treatment of Kienböck disease; Beyond stagingBain, G.; Lichtman, D.
2011RUNX1 Mutations are rare in chronic phase polycythaemia veraButcher, C.; Neufing, P.; Eriksson, L.; Carmichael, C.; Wilkins, E.; Vaz de Melo, J.; Lewis, I.; Bardy, P.; Scott, H.; D'Andrea, R.
2011Clinical heterogeneity and prognostic features of South Australian patients with anti-synthetase autoantibodiesDugar, M.; Cox, S.; Limaye, V.; Blumbergs, P.; Roberts-Thomson, P.
2011Driving simulator performance remains impaired in patients with severe OSA after CPAP treatmentVakulin, A.; Baulk, S.; Catcheside, P.; Antic, N.; van den Heuvel, C.; Dorrian, J.; McEvoy, R.