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2014Effect of N-acetylcysteine on cycling performance after intensified trainingSlattery, K.; Dascombe, B.; Wallace, L.; Bentley, D.; Coutts, A.
2014Benchmarking organic micropollutants in wastewater, recycled water and drinking water with In vitro bioassaysEscher, B.; Allinson, M.; Altenburger, R.; Bain, P.; Balaguer, P.; Busch, W.; Crago, J.; Denslow, N.; Dopp, E.; Hilscherova, K.; Humpage, A.; Kumar, A.; Grimaldi, M.; Jayasinghe, B.; Jarosova, B.; Jia, A.; Makarov, S.; Maruya, K.; Medvedev, A.; Mehinto, A.; et al.
2014Smad1 transcription factor integrates BMP2 and Wnt3a signals in migrating cardiac progenitor cellsSong, J.; McColl, J.; Camp, E.; Kennerley, N.; Mok, G.; McCormick, D.; Grocott, T.; Wheeler, G.; Münsterberg, A.
2014Subcutaneous administration of fentanyl in childbirth: an observational study on the clinical effectiveness of fentanyl for mother and neonateFleet, J.; Jones, M.; Belan, I.
2014Invasive placebo revisitedCyna, A.; Tan, S.
2014Computational modeling of spike generation in serotonergic neurons of the dorsal raphe nucleusTuckwell, H.; Penington, N.
2014LTBP-2 competes with tropoelastin for binding to fibulin-5 and heparin, and is a negative modulator of elastinogenesisSideek, M.; Menz, C.; Kamkar Parsi, M.; Gibson, M.
2014Update on narrow band imaging in disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tractSingh, R.; Lee, S.; Vijay, N.; Sharma, P.; Uedo, N.
2014Clinician-performed ultrasound in assessing potentially malignant thyroid nodulesHamer, P.; Aspinall, S.; Malycha, P.
2014The importance of surveillance for informing pretravel medical advice: Imported malaria in New Zealand 1997-2009Lau, C.; Weinstein, P.; Slaney, D.