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2014Confocal microscopy demonstrates association of LTBP-2 in fibrillin-1 microfibrils and colocalisation with perlecan in the disc cell pericellular matrixHayes, A.; Gibson, M.; Shu, C.; Melrose, J.
2014Variation in natural head position and establishing corrected head positionBarbera, A.; Sampson, W.; Townsend, G.
2014Pullout strength of cancellous screws in human femoral heads depends on applied insertion torque, trabecular bone microarchitecture and areal bone mineral densityAb-Lazid, R.; Perilli, E.; Ryan, M.; Costi, J.; Reynolds, K.
2014Multinational comprehensive evaluation of the fixation method used in hip replacement: interaction with age in contextStea, S.; Comfort, T.; Sedrakyan, A.; Havelin, L.; Marinelli, M.; Barber, T.; Paxton, E.; Banerjee, S.; Isaacs, A.; Graves, S.
2014Perceptions of food risk and trust in non-English speaking Greek and Vietnamese immigrants in South AustraliaHouse, E.; Coveney, J.; Pulvirenti, M.; Tsourtos, G.; Aylward, P.; Henderson, J.; Ward, P.
2014Characterization of primary afferent spinal innervation of mouse uterusHerweijer, G.; Kyloh, M.; Dodds, K.N.; Spencer, N.J.; Spencer, E
2014Why is neuroimmunopharmacology crucial for the future of addiction research?Hutchinson, M.; Watkins, L.
2014Multiphasic scaffolds for periodontal tissue engineeringIvanovski, S.; Vaquette, C.; Gronthos, S.; Hutmacher, D.; Bartold, P.
2014Molecular and functional characterization of multiple aquaporin water channel proteins from the western tarnished plant bug, Lygus hesperusFabrick, J.; Pei, J.; Hull, J.; Yool, A.
2014In vitro transport and satiety of a beta-lactoglobulin dipeptide and beta-casomorphin-7 and its metabolitesOsborne, S.; Chen, W.; Addepalli, R.; Colgrave, M.; Singh, T.; Tran, C.; Day, L.