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2014Oxytocin and Attachment Facilitate a Shift From Seeking Novelty to Recognizing and Preferring Familiarity: The Key to Increasing Resilience?Tops, M.; Buisman-Pijlman, F.; Carter, C.
2014Genetic relationships between suicide attempts, suicidal ideation and major psychiatric disorders: a genome-wide association and polygenic scoring studyMullins, N.; Perroud, N.; Uher, R.; Butler, A.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Rivera, M.; Malki, K.; Euesden, J.; Power, R.; Tansey, K.; Jones, L.; Jones, I.; Craddock, N.; Owen, M.; Korszun, A.; Gill, M.; Mors, O.; Preisig, M.; Maier, W.; Rietschel, M.; et al.
2014Investigating the genetic variation underlying episodicity in major depressive disorder: suggestive evidence for a bipolar contributionFerentinos, P.; Rivera, M.; Ising, M.; Spain, S.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Butler, A.; Craddock, N.; Owen, M.; Korszun, A.; Jones, L.; Jones, I.; Gill, M.; Rice, J.; Maier, W.; Mors, O.; Rietschel, M.; Lucae, S.; Binder, E.; Preisig, M.; Tozzi, F.; et al.
2014The Soria Moria approach to pediatric forensic issuesByard, R.; Krous, H.; Rognum, T.
2014Population pharmacokinetics of orally administered mefloquine in healthy volunteers and patients with uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malariaReuter, S.; Upton, R.; Evans, A.; Navaratnam, V.; Olliaro, P.
2014Aging, cortical injury and Alzheimer's disease-like pathology in the guinea pig brainBates, K.; Vink, R.; Martins, R.; Harvey, A.
2014The rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility polymorphism PTPN22 C1858T is not associated with leflunomide response or toxicityHopkins, A.; O'Doherty, C.; Foster, D.; Suppiah, V.; Upton, R.; Spargo, L.; Cleland, L.; Proudman, S.; Wiese, M.
2014The neuroprotective activity of the amyloid precursor protein against traumatic brain injury is mediated via the heparin binding site in residues 96-110Corrigan, F.; Thornton, E.; Roisman, L.; Leonard, A.; Vink, R.; Blumbergs, P.; Van Den Heuvel, C.; Cappai, R.
2014Altered dynamic foot kinematics in people with medial knee osteoarthritis during walking: A cross-sectional studyArnold, J.; Mackintosh, S.; Jones, S.; Thewlis, D.
2014NK1 tachykinin receptor treatment is superior to capsaicin pre-treatment in improving functional outcome following acute ischemic strokeTurner, R.; Vink, R.