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2014Altered dynamic foot kinematics in people with medial knee osteoarthritis during walking: A cross-sectional studyArnold, J.; Mackintosh, S.; Jones, S.; Thewlis, D.
2014NK1 tachykinin receptor treatment is superior to capsaicin pre-treatment in improving functional outcome following acute ischemic strokeTurner, R.; Vink, R.
2014Commentary: Critical questions, misconceptions and a road map for improving the use of the lymphocyte cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay for in vivo biomonitoring of human exposure to genotoxic chemicals - a HUMN project perspectiveKirsch-Volders, M.; Bonassi, S.; Knasmueller, S.; Holland, N.; Bolognesi, C.; Fenech, M.
2014Treatment with the NK1 antagonist emend reduces blood brain barrier dysfunction and edema formation in an experimental model of brain tumorsHarford-Wright, E.; Lewis, K.; Ghabriel, M.; Vink, R.
2014Automation of the cytokinesis-block micronucleus cytome assay by laser scanning cytometry and its potential application in radiation biodosimetryFrancois, M.; Hochstenbach, K.; Leifert, W.; Fenech, M.
2014A primer extension denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography method for the identification of three ABCC2 genetic polymorphismsWestley, I.; Coller, J.; Ward, M.; Evans, A.; Morris, R.; Sallustio, B.
2014Pharmacodynamic modelling of placebo and buprenorphine effects on event-related potentials in experimental painJuul, R.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.; Andresen, T.; Graversen, C.; Drewes, A.; Christrup, L.; Kreilgaard, M.
2014Changes in substance P and NK1 receptor immunohistochemistry following human spinal cord injuryLeonard, A.; Manavis, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Vink, R.
2014Determining the mechanisms of lapatinib-induced diarrhoea using a rat modelBowen, J.; Mayo, B.; Plews, E.; Bateman, E.; Wignall, A.; Stringer, A.; Boyle, F.; Keefe, D.
2014Chronic respiratory conditions in a cohort of metropolitan fire-fighters: associations with occupational exposure and quality of lifeSchermer, T.; Malbon, W.; Morgan, M.; Smith, M.; Crockett, A.