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2012A covalently dimerized recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-15 variant identifies bone morphogenetic protein receptor type 1B as a key cell surface receptor on ovarian granulosa cellsPulkki, M.; Mottershead, D.; Pasternack, A.; Muggalla, P.; Ludlow, H.; van Dinther, M.; Myllymaa, S.; Koli, K.; ten Dijke, P.; Laitinen, M.; Ritvos, O.
2012Becoming a peer reviewer to medical education journalsAzer, S.; Ramani, S.; Peterson, R.
2012Using student-generated questions for student-centred assessmentPapinczak, T.; Peterson, R.; Babri, A.; Ward, J.; Kippers, V.; Wilkinson, D.
2012Attaining the mystical body: Indian Sufi ascetic practicesSaniotis, A.
2012Osteoclast resorption of thermal spray hydoxyapatite coatings is influenced by surface topographyGross, K.; Muller, D.; Lucas, H.; Haynes, D.
2014Subcutaneous administration of fentanyl in childbirth: an observational study on the clinical effectiveness of fentanyl for mother and neonateFleet, J.; Jones, M.; Belan, I.
2011Comparative immunolocalization of the elastin fiber-associated proteins fibrillin-1, LTBP-2, and MAGP-1 with components of the collagenous and proteoglycan matrix of the fetal human intervertebral discHayes, A.; Smith, S.; Gibson, M.; Melrose, J.
2011Accelerated maturation and abnormal morphology in the preterm neonatal kidneySutherland, M.; Gubhaju, L.; Moore, L.; Kent, A.; Dahlstrom, J.; Horne, R.; Hoy, W.; Bertram, J.; Black, M.
2010Role of CCL2 (MCP-1) in traumatic brain injury (TBI): evidence from severe TBI patients and CCL2-/- miceSemple, B.; Bye, N.; Rancan, M.; Ziebell, J.; Morganti-Kossmann, M.
2010Modulation of the immune response by head injuryMorganti-Kossmann, M.; Semple, B.; Ziebell, J.; Yan, E.; Bye, N.; Kossmann, T.