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2013Mercury poisoning from home gold amalgam extractionSaleem, M.; Alfred, S.; Bahnisch, R.; Coates, P.; Kearney, D.
2013Pattern of cerebrospinal immediate early gene c-fos expression in an ovine model of non-accidental head injuryFinnie, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Manavis, J.; Vink, R.
2011Towards drug discovery for brain tumours: interaction of kinins and tumours at the blood brain barrier interfaceHarford-Wright, E.; Lewis, K.; Vink, R.
2014Volumes of intact gray matter outside the stroke predict gait performancePerennou, D.; Hillier, S.
2014Efficacy of low-dose intratympanic dexamethasone as a salvage treatment for idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss: the Modbury Hospital experienceOue, S.; Jervis-Bardy, J.; Stepan, L.; Chong, S.; Shaw, C.
2012Decision making for partial carpal fusionsBain, G.; McGuire, D.
2015Chronic administration of a microencapsulated probiotic enhances the bioavailability of orange juice flavanones in humansPereira-Caro, G.; Oliver, C.; Weerakkody, R.; Singh, T.; Conlon, M.; Borges, G.; Sanguansri, L.; Lockett, T.; Roberts, S.; Crozier, A.; Augustin, M.
2010Lecture attendance, learning style and assessment outcome in physiology studentsHorton, D.; Wiederman, S.; Saint, D.; ERGA Conference (5th : 2010 : Adelaide, Australia)
2014Understanding and checking the assumptions of linear regression: A primer for medical researchersCasson, R.; Farmer, L.
2015Evidence of nitrosative stress within hearts of patients dying of Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathySurikow, S.; Raman, B.; Licari, J.; Singh, K.; Nguyen, T.; Horowitz, J.