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2005Return to work after coronary artery bypass surgery in a population of long-term survivorsBradshaw, P.; Jamrozik, K.; Gilfillan, I.; Thompson, P.
2001Causes and Effects of Human VariationHenneberg, M.; Kilgariff, J.
2001Variation in the Infectivity of Listeria monocytogenes Isolates following Intragastric Inoculation of MiceBarbour, Angela Helen; Rampling, Anita; Hormaeche, Carlos E.
2005Recombinant expression of βig-h3 domains for identification of binding sites for collagen type VI and SLRPsGibson, M.; Hanssen, E.; Reinboth, B.; Annual Meeting of the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand (29th : 2005 : Victor Harbor, S. Aust.)
2009Mass spectral identification of Vc1.1 and differential distribution of conopeptides in the venom duct of conus victoriae. Effect of post-translational modifications and disulfide isomerisation on bioactivityTownsend, A.; Livett, B.; Bingham, J.; Truong, H.; Karas, J.; O'Donnell, P.; Williamson, N.; Purcell, A.; Scanlon, D.
2005A proteomic approach to identifying matrix proteins interacting with transforming growth factor-β-inducible gene h-3 (βig-h3)Gibson, M.; Kamkar Parsi, M.; Hanssen, E.; Annual Meeting of the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand (29th : 2005 : Victor Harbor, S. Aust.)
2007On-demand treatment of acute heartburn with the antacid hydrotalcite compared with famotidine and placebo: Randomized double-blind cross-over studyHoltmeier, W.; Holtmann, G.; Caspary, W.; Weingartner, U.
2009A new bifunctional chelator for copper radiopharmaceuticals: a cage amine ligand with a carboxylate functional group for conjugation to peptidesMa, M.; Karas, J.; White, J.; Scanlon, D.; Donnelly, P.
2009Inhibition of Siah ubiquitin ligase functionMoller, A.; House, C.; Wong, C.; Scanlon, D.; Liu, M.; Ronai, Z.; Bowtell, D.
2009A central role for venom in predation by Varanus komodoensis (Komodo Dragon) and the extinct giant Varanus (Megalania) priscusScanlon, D.