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2018An optimized SEC-SAXS system enabling high X-ray dose for rapid SAXS assessment with correlated UV measurements for biomolecular structure analysisRyan, T.; Trewhella, J.; Murphy, J.; Keown, J.; Casey, L.; Pearce, F.; Goldstone, D.; Chen, K.; Luo, Z.; Kobe, B.; McDevitt, C.; Watkin, S.; Hawley, A.; Mudie, S.; Samardzic Boban, V.; Kirby, N.
2018Biotin-mediated growth and gene expression in Staphylococcus aureus is highly responsive to environmental biotinSatiaputra, J.; Eijkelkamp, B.; McDevitt, C.; Shearwin, K.; Booker, G.; Polyak, S.
2018Broad activity of diphenyleneiodonium analogues against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, malaria parasites and bacterial pathogensNguyen, N.; Wilson, D.; Nagalingam, G.; Triccas, J.; Schneider, E.; Li, J.; Velkov, T.; Baell, J.
2018Glycointeractions in bacterial pathogenesisPoole, J.; Day, C.; Von Itzstein, M.; Paton, J.; Jennings, M.
2018Co-expression of μ and ∂ opioid receptors by mouse colonic nociceptorsGuerrero-Alba, R.; Valdez-Morales, E.; Jiménez-Vargas, N.; Bron, R.; Poole, D.; Reed, D.; Castro, J.; Campaniello, M.; Hughes, P.; Brierley, S.; Bunnett, N.; Lomax, A.; Vanner, S.
2018Role of Streptococcus pneumoniae OM001 operon in capsular polysaccharide production, virulence and survival in human salivaAhmad, Z.; Harvey, R.; Paton, J.; Standish, A.; Morona, R.
2018Degenerate codon mixing for PCR-based manipulation of highly repetitive sequencesRatnayake, D.; Newman, M.; Lardelli, M.
2018Genome-wide association study of offspring birth weight in 86 577 women identifies five novel loci and highlights maternal genetic effects that are independent of fetal geneticsBeaumont, R.; Warrington, N.; Cavadino, A.; Tyrrell, J.; Nodzenski, M.; Horikoshi, M.; Geller, F.; Myhre, R.; Richmond, R.; Paternoster, L.; Bradfield, J.; Kreiner-Møller, E.; Huikari, V.; Metrustry, S.; Lunetta, K.; Painter, J.; Hottenga, J.; Allard, C.; Barton, S.; Espinosa, A.; et al.
2018The emerging complexity of γδT17 cellsMcKenzie, D.; Comerford, I.; Silva-Santos, B.; McColl, S.
2018Structure-activity studies reveal the molecular basis for GABAB-receptor mediated inhibition of high voltage-activated calcium channels by α-conotoxin Vc1.1Sadeghi, M.; Carstens, B.; Callaghan, B.; Daniel, J.; Tae, H.; O'Donnell, T.; Castro, J.; Brierley, S.; Adams, D.; Craik, D.; Clark, R.
2018Biogeochemical cycling of gold: transforming gold particles from arctic FinlandReith, F.; Rea, M.; Sawley, P.; Zammit, C.; Nolze, G.; Reith, T.; Rantanen, K.; Bissett, A.
2018Redirecting adult mesenchymal stromal cells to the brain: A new approach for treating CNS autoimmunity and neuroinflammation?Wilson, J.; Foyle, K.; Foeng, J.; Norton, T.; Mckenzie, D.; Payne, N.; Bernard, C.; Mccoll, S.; Comerford, I.
2018Hookworm secreted extracellular vesicles interact with host cells and prevent inducible colitis in miceEichenberger, R.; Ryan, S.; Jones, L.; Buitrago, G.; Polster, R.; de Oca, M.; Zuvelek, J.; Giacomin, P.; Dent, L.; Engwerda, C.; Field, M.; Sotillo, J.; Loukas, A.
2018Impact of long-term erythromycin therapy on the oropharyngeal microbiome and resistance gene reservoir in non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasisChoo, J.; Abell, G.; Thomson, R.; Morgan, L.; Waterer, G.; Gordon, D.; Taylor, S.; Leong, L.; Wesselingh, S.; Burr, L.; Rogers, G.
2018Arachidonic acid stress impacts pneumococcal fatty acid homeostasisEijkelkamp, B.; Begg, S.; Pederick, V.; Trapetti, C.; Gregory, M.; Whittall, J.; Paton, J.; McDevitt, C.
2018Regulation of splicing and circularisation of RNA in epithelial mesenchymal plasticityNeumann, D.; Goodall, G.; Gregory, P.
2018Morbidity from in-hospital complications is greater than treatment failure in patients with Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemiaHolmes, N.; Robinson, J.; van Hal, S.; Munckhof, W.; Athan, E.; Korman, T.; Cheng, A.; Turnidge, J.; Johnson, P.; Howden, B.; VANESSA study group
2018Long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation protects against adriamycin and cyclophosphamide chemotherapy-induced bone marrow damage in female ratsFan, C.; Su, Y.; Howe, P.; Xian, C.
2018Differential effect of morphine on gastrointestinal transit, colonic contractions and nerve-evoked relaxations in Toll-Like Receptor deficient miceBeckett, E.; Staikopoulos, V.; Hutchinson, M.
2018Fundamental structural and functional properties of Aquaporin ion channels found across the kingdoms of lifeKourghi, M.; Pei, J.; De Ieso, M.; Nourmohammadi, S.; Chow, P.; Yool, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3075