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2011DNMT3L is a regulator of X chromosome compaction and post-meiotic gene transcriptionZamudio, N.; Scott, H.; Wolski, K.; Lo, C.; Law, C.; Leong, D.; Kinkel, S.; Chong, S.; Jolley, D.; Smyth, G.; De Kretser, D.; Whitelaw, E.; O'Bryan, M.
2017Antibiotic tolerance and the alternative lifestyles of Staphylococcus aureusBui, L.; Conlon, B.; Kidd, S.
2015Heterogeneous nucleation is required for crystallization of the ZnuA domain of pneumococcal AdcALuo, Z.; Morey, J.; McDevitt, C.; Kobe, B.
2017Female breast cancer management and survival: the experience of major public hospitals in South Australia over 3 decades-trends by age and in the elderlyRoder, D.; Farshid, G.; Kollias, J.; Koczwara, B.; Karapetis, C.; Adams, J.; Joshi, R.; Keefe, D.; Miller, C.; Powell, K.; Fusco, K.; Eckert, M.; Buckley, E.; Beckmann, K.; Price, T.
2018The emerging complexity of γδT17 cellsMcKenzie, D.; Comerford, I.; Silva-Santos, B.; McColl, S.
2016Tuberculosis control in Jiangsu province, ChinaYan, L.; Limei, Z.; Chen, C.; Wei, L.; Booker, G.W.; Hao, Y.; Polyak, S.W.
2013Effects of leptin deficiency and replacement on cerebellar response to food-related cuesBerman, S.; Paz-Filho, G.; Wong, M.; Kohno, M.; Licinio, J.; London, E.
2016Mergeomics: Multidimensional data integration to identify pathogenic perturbations to biological systemsShu, L.; Zhao, Y.; Kurt, Z.; Byars, S.; Tukiainen, T.; Kettunen, J.; Orozco, L.; Pellegrini, M.; Lusis, A.; Ripatti, S.; Zhang, B.; Inouye, M.; Mäkinen, V.; Yang, X.
2015Atg9 is required for intraluminal vesicles in amphisomes and autolysosomesBader, C.; Shandala, T.; Ng, Y.; Johnson, I.; Brooks, D.
2014Mammalian genome evolution as a result of epigenetic regulation of transposable elementsBuckley, R.; Adelson, D.