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2005Evolution and organization of the ten sex chromosome system in platypusGrutzner, F.; Rens, W.; Tsend-Ayush, E.; El-Mogharbel, N.; O'Brien, P.; Jones, R.; Ferguson-Smith, M.; Graves, J.; ComBio 2005 (2005 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2006Sex Chromosomes Down Under: XY in platypusGrutzner, F.; European Workshop on Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology of the Testis (22 Apr 2006 : Bad Aibling, Germany)
2004Plasticity of human chromosome 3 during primate evolutionYue, Y.; Grossmann, B.; Tsend-Ayush, E.; Grutzner, F.; Ferguson-Smith, M.; Yang, F.; Haaf, T.; Human Genome Meeting HGM2004 (04 Apr 2004 - 07 Apr 2004 : Berlin, Germany)
2004Platypus have four male-specific chromosomes that segregate together at meiosisGrutzner, F.; Rens, W.; Jones, R.; Tsend-Ayush, E.; Graves, J.; HGM (04 Apr 2004 : Berlin, Germany)
2003Isolation of chromosomal regions controlling intersex development in a marsupialSantucciu, C.; Grutzner, F.; Carvalho-Silva, D.; Graves, J.
2005Genomic structure and paralogous regions of the inversion breakpoint occurring between human chromosome 3p12.3 and orangutan chromosome 2Yue, Y.; Grossmann, B.; Tsend-Ayush, E.; Grutzner, F.; Ferguson-Smith, M.; Yang, F.; Haaf, T.
2003The monotreme genome: a patchwork of reptile mammal and unique features?Grutzner, F.; Deakin, J.; Rens, W.; El-Mogharbel, N.; Marshall Graves, J.
2001Chicken microchromosomes are hypermethylated and can be identified by specific painting probesGrutzner, F.; Tsend-Ayush, E.; Stout, K.; Munsche, S.; Niveleau, A.; Nanda, I.; Schmid, M.; Haaf, T.
2003Comparative and functional analyses of LYL1 loci establish marsupial sequences as a model for phylogenetic footprintingChapman, M.; Charchar, F.; Kinston, S.; Bird, C.; Grafham, D.; Rogers, J.; Grutzner, F.; Graves, J.; Green, A.; Gottgens, B.
2001Comparative mapping of the human 9q34 region in Fugu rubripesBouchireb, N.; Grutzner, F.; Haaf, T.; Stephens, R.; Elgar, G.; Green, A.; Clark, M.