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1986Experience with hepatitis B vaccineBurrell, C.
1981Ash from rice stubble inactivates thiobencarb and molinateToth, J.; Milham, P.J.; Raison, J.M.
1983An analysis of the moisture content of soil cores in a designed experimentRoberts, E.A.; Raison, J.M.
1985Localization of the ring-infected erythrocyte surface antigen (RESA) of Plasmodium falciparum in merozoites and ring-infected erythrocytesBrown, G.; Culvenor, J.; Crewther, P.; Bianco, A.; Coppel, R.; Saint, R.; Stahl, H.; Kemp, D.; Anders, R.
1982Quantitation of Clostridium botulinum organisms and toxin in the feces of an infant with botulismPaton, J.; Lawrence, A.; Manson, J.
1983Quantities of Clostridium botulinum organisms and toxin in feces and presence of Clostridium botulinum toxin in the serum of an infant with botulismPaton, J.; Lawrence, A.; Steven, I.
1984Immune sera recognize on erythrocytes a Plasmodium falciparum antigen composed of repeated amino acid sequencesCoppel, R.; Cowman, A.; Anders, R.; Bianco, A.; Saint, R.; Lingelbach, K.; Kemp, D.; Brown, G.
1986Pneumococcal carriage and type-specific antibody: failure of a 14-valent vaccine to reduce carriage in healthy childrenDouglas, R.; Hansman, D.; Miles, H.; Paton, J.
1983Expression of Plasmodium falciparum blood-stage antigens in Escherichia coli: detection with antibodies from immune humansKemp, D.; Coppel, R.; Cowman, A.; Saint, R.; Brown, G.; Anders, R.
1985Conserved sequences flank variable tandem repeats in two S-antigen genes of Plasmodium falciparumCowman, A.; Saint, R.; Coppel, R.; Brown, G.; Anders, R.; Kemp, D.