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2017Investigation of the CD1b lipid antigen presentation pathway In pulmonary COPDWeen, M.; Jones, C.; Tran, H.; Whittall, J.; Hodge, S.; The Australia & New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science and The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (ANZSRS/TSANZ) Annual Scientific Meeting 2017 (24 Mar 2017 - 28 Mar 2017 : Canberra, Australia)
2015Effect of improving dietary quality on carotid intima media thickness in subjects with type 1 and type 2 diabetes: a 12-mo randomized controlled trialPetersen, K.; Clifton, P.; Blanch, N.; Keogh, J.
2002A highly efficient method for long-chain cDNA synthesis using trehalose and betaineSpiess, A.; Ivell, R.
2003Intraadrenal adrenocorticotropin production in a case of bilateral macronodular adrenal hyperplasia causing Cushing's syndromeLefebvre, H.; Duparc, C.; Chartrel, N.; Jegou, S.; Pellerin, A.; Laquerriere, A.; Ivell, R.; Vaudry, H.; Kuhn, J.
2012Targeting JAK1/2 and mTOR in murine xenograft models of Ph-like acute lymphoblastic leukemiaMaude, S.; Tasian, S.; Vincent, T.; Hall, J.; Sheen, C.; Roberts, K.; Seif, A.; Barrett, D.; Chen, I.; Collins, J.; Mullighan, C.; Hunger, S.; Harvey, R.; Willman, C.; Fridman, J.; Loh, M.; Grupp, S.; Teachey, D.
2015Inhibition of HIV infection by caerin 1 antimicrobial peptidesVanCompernolle, S.; Smith, P.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.; Unutmaz, D.; Rollins-Smith, L.
2007Increased survival after gemfibrozil treatment of severe mouse influenzaBudd, A.; Alleva, L.; Alsharifi, M.; Koskinen, A.; Smythe, V.; Müllbacher, A.; Wood, J.; Clark, I.
2016Acute effect of red meat and dairy on glucose and insulin: a randomized crossover studyTurner, K.; Keogh, J.; Clifton, P.
2016Mergeomics: a web server for identifying pathological pathways, networks, and key regulators via multidimensional data integrationArneson, D.; Bhattacharya, A.; Shu, L.; Mäkinen, V.; Yang, X.
2017Gut microbial metabolites limit the frequency of autoimmune T cells and protect against type 1 diabetesMariño, E.; Richards, J.; McLeod, K.; Stanley, D.; Yap, Y.; Knight, J.; McKenzie, C.; Kranich, J.; Oliveira, A.; Rossello, F.; Krishnamurthy, B.; Nefzger, C.; Macia, L.; Thorburn, A.; Baxter, A.; Morahan, G.; Wong, L.; Polo, J.; Moore, R.; Lockett, T.; et al.