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2006Understanding disorders of the masticatory systemTurker, Kemal Sitki
2006Contractile and Ca2+-handling properties of the right ventricular papillary muscle in the late-gestation sheep fetusSpencer, Timothy Nicholas; Botting, Kimberley Jae; Morrison, Janna Leigh; Posterino, Giuseppe Saverio
2007Characterization of insulin/IGF hybrid receptors: contributions of the insulin receptor L2 and Fn1 domains and the alternatively spliced exon 11 sequence to ligand binding and receptor activationBenyoucef, Samira; Surinya, Katharina Helen; Hadaschik, Dirk; Siddle, Kenneth
2010Critical role of FLRT1 phosphorylation in the interdependent regulation of FLRT1 function and FGF receptor signallingWheldon, L.; Haines, B.; Rajappa, R.; Mason, I.; Rigby, P.; Heath, J.
2009Vibrio cholerae O139 capsular polysaccharide confers complement resistance in the absence or presence of antibody yet presents a productive target for cell lysis: implications for detection of bactericidal antibodiesAttridge, Stephen Richard; Holmgren, Jan
2000Characterization and immunogenicity of Vibrio cholerae ghosts expressing toxin-coregulated piliEko, F. O.; Mayr, U. B.; Attridge, Stephen Richard; Lubitz, W.
2005A review of the H-reflex and M-wave in the human triceps suraeTucker, Kylie Jane; Tuncer, Meltem; Turker, Kemal Sitki
2004Interactions between Trichoderma harzianum strain T22 and maize inbred line Mo17 and effects of these interactions on diseases caused by Pythium ultimum and Colletotrichum graminicolaHarman, Gary E.; Petzoldt, Rixana; Comis, Alfio; Chen, Jie
2003Food safety and quality assurance for cooked prawns: Development and evaluation of a framework for the validation of a supply chain approachThomas, Connor Jocelyn; Holds, Geoff; Pointon, Andrew
2003The MerR family of transcriptional regulatorsBrown, N.; Stoyanov, J.; Kidd, S.; Hobman, J.