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2014Nut consumption for vascular health and cognitive functionBarbour, J.; Howe, P.; Buckley, J.; Bryan, J.; Coates, A.
2012Guanylate cyclase-C receptor activation: unexpected biologyBrierley, S.
2013Reciprocal regulation of the basic helix-loop-helix/Per-Arnt-Sim partner proteins, Arnt and Arnt2, during neuronal differentiationHao, N.; Bhakti, V.; Peet, D.; Whitelaw, M.
2013RNA sequencing reveals sexually dimorphic gene expression before gonadal differentiation in chicken and allows comprehensive annotation of the W-chromosomeAyers, K.; Davidson, N.; Demiyah, D.; Roeszler, K.; Grutzner, F.; Sinclair, A.; Oshlack, A.; Smith, C.
2015Manganese uptake and streptococcal virulenceEijkelkamp, B.; McDevitt, C.; Kitten, T.
2017A novel, somatic, transforming mutation in the extracellular domain of epidermal growth factor receptor identified in myeloproliferative neoplasmCasolari, D.; Nguyen, T.; Butcher, C.; Iarossi, D.; Hahn, C.; Bray, S.; Neufing, P.; Parker, W.; Feng, J.; Maung, K.; Wee, A.; Vidovic, L.; Kok, C.; Bardy, P.; Branford, S.; Lewis, I.; Lane, S.; Scott, H.; Ross, D.; D'Andrea, R.
2018Morbidity from in-hospital complications is greater than treatment failure in patients with Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemiaHolmes, N.; Robinson, J.; van Hal, S.; Munckhof, W.; Athan, E.; Korman, T.; Cheng, A.; Turnidge, J.; Johnson, P.; Howden, B.; VANESSA study group
2016Aspects of protein-DNA interactions: a review of quantitative thermodynamic theory for modelling synthetic circuits utilising LacI and CI repressors, IPTG and the reporter gene lacZMunro, P.; Ackers, G.; Shearwin, K.
2009Dynamic balancing: Deptor tips the scalesProud, C.
2009Synthesis, antifungal, haemolytic and cytotoxic activities of a series of bis(alkylpyridinium)alkanesObando, D.; Pantarat, N.; Handke, R.; Koda, Y.; Widmer, F.; Djordjevic, J.; Ellis, D.; Sorrell, T.; Jolliffe, K.