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2000Eph receptors and ephrins in the developing chick cerebellum: relationship to sagittal patterning and granule cell migrationKaram, S.; Burrows, R.; Logan, C.; Koblar, S.; Pasquale, E.; Bothwell, M.
2013Evidence for a retroviral insertion in TRPM1 as the cause of congenital stationary night blindness and leopard complex spotting in the horseBellone, R.; Holl, H.; Sealuri, V.; Devi, S.; Maddodi, N.; Archer, S.; Sandmeyer, L.; Ludwig, A.; Foerster, D.; Pruvost, M.; Reissmann, M.; Bortfeldt, R.; Adelson, D.; Lim, S.; Nelson, J.; Haase, B.; Engensteiner, M.; Leeb, T.; Forsyth, G.; Mienaltowski, M.; et al.
2013MHC class II-alpha chain knockout mice support increased viral replication that is independent of their lack of MHC class II cell surface expression and associated immune function deficienciesAlsharifi, M.; Koskinen, A.; Wijesundara, D.; Bettadapura, J.; Mullbacher, A.
2013Action of Shiga toxin type-2 and Subtilase cytotoxin on human microvascular endothelial cellsAmaral, M.; Sacerdoti, F.; Jancic, C.; Repetto, H.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.; Ibarra, C.
2019Evidence for hormonal control of heart regenerative capacity during endothermy acquisitionHirose, K.; Payumo, A.; Cutie, S.; Hoang, A.; Zhang, H.; Guyot, R.; Lunn, D.; Bigley, R.; Yu, H.; Wang, J.; Smith, M.; Gillett, E.; Muroy, S.; Schmid, T.; Wilson, E.; Field, K.; Reeder, D.; Maden, M.; Yartsev, M.; Wolfgang, M.; et al.
2019Arabidopsis TRM5 encodes a nuclear-localised bifunctional tRNA guanine and inosine-N1-methyltransferase that is important for growthGuo, Q.; Ng, P.Q.; Shi, S.; Fan, D.; Li, J.; Zhao, J.; Wang, H.; David, R.; Mittal, P.; Do, T.; Bock, R.; Zhao, M.; Zhou, W.; Searle, I.
2019Inflammasome-independent role for NLRP3 in controlling innate antihelminth immunity and tissue repair in the lungChenery, A.L.; Alhallaf, R.; Agha, Z.; Ajendra, J.; Parkinson, J.E.; Cooper, M.M.; Chan, B.H.; Eichenberger, R.M.; Dent, L.A.; Robertson, A.A.; Kupz, A.; Brough, D.; Loukas, A.; Sutherland, T.E.; Allen, J.E.; Giacomin, P.R.
1983Effect of immunization with pneumolysin on survival time of mice challenged with Streptococcus pneumoniaePaton, J.; Lock, R.; Hansman, D.
1986Experience with hepatitis B vaccineBurrell, C.
1982Quantitation of Clostridium botulinum organisms and toxin in the feces of an infant with botulismPaton, J.; Lawrence, A.; Manson, J.