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2005Methods of time and frequency domain examination of physiological tremor in the human jawSowman, Paul Fredrick; Turker, Kemal Sitki
2009Laser capture microscopy in a study of expression of structural proteins in the cuticle cells of human hairRogers, G.; Koike, K.
2006Effect of silencing of mutant p53 gene in human lung adenocarcinoma cell line anip973Ma, L.; Sun, W.; Wang, Z.; Zh, G.; Li, P.; Fu, S.
2009G-protein coupled receptor array technologies: Site directed immobilisation of liposomes containing the H-₁-histamine or M-₂-muscarinic receptorsHill, K.; Bally, M.; Leifert, W.; Vörös, J.; McMurchie, E.
2009Persistent (current) in the face of adversity ... A new class of cardiac anti-ischaemic compounds on the horizon?Saint, D.
2009Esterase D is essential for protection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae against nitrosative stress and for bacterial growth during interaction with cervical epithelial cellsPotter, Adam Joseph; Kidd, Stephen Peter; Edwards, Jennifer L.; Falsetta, Megan L.; Apicella, Michael A.; Jennings, Michael Paul; McEwan, Alastair G.
2007Genetic diversity of Y-chromosome microsatellites in the Fujian Han and the Sichuan Han populations of ChinaZhang, Y.; Xue, Y.; Huang, X.; Ma, L.; Yu, Y.; Huang, C.; Zhang, G.; Li, P.; Fu, S.
2004Population genetic analysis of Y-chromosomal single nucleotide polymorphism in six Chinese populationsZhang, Yong-Li; Yu, Min; Chen, Feng; Xue, Ya-Li; Ma, Linlin; Huang, Xiao-Yi; Zhang, Gui-Yin; Li, Pu; Fu, Song-Bin
2003Use of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis for the identification of Giardia intestinalis subtypes and phylogenetic tree constructionSedinova, Jitka; Flegr, Jaroslav; Ey, Peter L. Chilton; Kulda, Jaroslav
2010Wool growth and productionRogers, G.; Schlink, A.