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2010Wool growth and productionRogers, G.; Schlink, A.
2002What can be learned about motoneurone properties from studying firing patterns?Powers, R. K.; Turker, Kemal Sitki; Binder, M. D.
2002Political theory and feminist social criticismHeneker, Kylie Jane
2001Effects of a domain peptide of the ryanodine receptor on Ca2+ release in skinned skeletal muscle fibersLamb, Graham D.; Posterino, Giuseppe Saverio; Yamamoto, Takeshi; Ikemoto, Noriaki
2003Effects of oxidation and cytosolic redox conditions on excitation-contraction coupling in rat skeletal musclePosterino, Giuseppe Saverio; Cellini, M. A.; Lamb, Graham D.
2009Effect of experimental pain on EMG-activity in human jaw-closing muscles in different jaw positionsBaad-Hansen, L.; Hara, S.; Marumo, Y.; Miles, T.; Svensson, P.
2004Development of the corticotropin-releasing hormone-corticotropin/β-endorphin system in the mammalian fetusRose, James C.; Schwartz, Jeffrey; Young, Sharla
2006An egg: Salmonella quantitative risk assessment model for the Australian egg industryThomas, Connor Jocelyn; Daughtry, Benjamin James; Padula, David; Jordan, David; Arzey, George; Davey, Kenneth Richard; Holds, Geoff; Slade, Jo; Pointon, Andrew
2005National food safety risk profile of eggs and egg productsDaughtry, Benjamin James; Sumner, John; Hooper, G.; Thomas, Connor Jocelyn; Grimes, T.; Horn, R.; Moses, A.; Pointon, Andrew
2004Molecular dissection of a neurological disorder: the role of Nova and Hu in RNA processing.Dredge, Belinda Kate; Darnell, Robert B.; Jensen, Kirk Blomquist