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2022Child maltreatment and emergency department visits: a longitudinal birth cohort study from infancy to early adulthoodGnanamanickam, E.S.; Nguyen, H.; Armfield, J.M.; Doidge, J.C.; Brown, D.S.; Preen, D.B.; Segal, L.
2022Reports of animal abuse in child protection referrals: a study of cases from one South Australian serviceRiggs, D.W.; Baum, N.G.; Taylor, N.; Beall, J.
2022What is going on with visual attention in reading and dyslexia? A critical review of recent studiesPerry, C.; Long, H.
2022A model of position effects in the sequential lineupDunn, J.C.; Kaesler, M.; Semmler, C.
2022Always look on the bright side of logic? Testing explanations of intuitive sensitivity to logic in perceptual tasksHayes, B.K.; Stephens, R.G.; Lee, M.D.; Dunn, J.C.; Kaluve, A.; Choi-Christou, J.; Cruz, N.
2022Healthcare professional and community preferences in deceased donor kidney allocation: a best‐worst scaling surveySypek, M.P.; Howell, M.; Howard, K.; Wong, G.; Duncanson, E.; Clayton, P.D.; Hughes P, P.; McDonald, S.
2022Addressing child-to-parent violence: developmental and intervention considerationsAshlee, C.; Travis, H.; Moulds, L.G.; Peter, M.
2022‘I am different’: a qualitative analysis of part-time working fathers’ constructions of their experiencesMercier, E.; Le Couteur, A.; Delfabbro, P.
2022Development of a gamified cognitive training app “Social Brain Train” to enhance adolescent mental health: a participatory design study protocolMinihan, S.; Songco, A.; Andrews, J.; Grunewald, K.; Werner-Seidler, A.; Blakemore, S.-J.; Christensen, H.; Fox, E.; Goodyer, I.; Raffe, W.; Schweizer, S.
2022Lay perceptions of modern prejudice toward "White" and "Asian" people: it matters who said it, whom it's about, and who's judgingPlatow, M.J.; Van Rooy, D.; Wang, C.; Ollis, L.; Knight, C.G.; Blakey, P.; Calaby, P.; Cho, H.; Kim, J.; Naar, H.; Oh, J.V.T.; Stoney, C.; Wilson-Woolley, K.; Augoustinos, M.; Tal, D.B.; Spears, R.
2022Suicidal behaviour in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal young men under custodial youth justice supervision: understanding the role of adverse childhood experiencesD’Antoine, M.; Malvaso, C.; Delfabbro, P.; O’Connor, J.
2022Attending to child agency in paediatric palliative care consultations: adults' use of tag questions directed to the childEkberg, K.; Ekberg, S.; Weinglass, L.; Herbert, A.; Rendle-Short, J.; Bluebond-Langner, M.; Yates, P.; Bradford, N.; Danby, S.
2022Child and Parent Physical Activity, Sleep, and Screen Time During COVID-19 and Associations With Mental Health: Implications for Future Psycho-Cardiological Disease?Olive, L.S.; Sciberras, E.; Berkowitz, T.S.; Hoare, E.; Telford, R.M.; O'Neil, A.; Mikocka-Walus, A.; Evans, S.; Hutchinson, D.; McGillivray, J.A.; Berk, M.; Teague, S.J.; Wood, A.G.; Olsson, C.; Westrupp, E.M.
2022Brief assessment of male depression in clinical care: Validation of the Male Depression Risk Scale short form in a cross-sectional study of Australian menHerreen, D.; Rice, S.; Zajac, I.
2022Graphemes are used when reading: Evidence from Monte Carlo simulation using word norms from mega-studiesPerry, C.
2022Effects of emotional cues on novel word learning in typically developing children in relation to broader autism traitsWest, M.J.; Angwin, A.J.; Copland, D.A.; Arnott, W.L.; Nelson, N.L.
2022Spoken Language Change in Children on the Autism Spectrum Receiving Community-Based InterventionsTrembath, D.; Stainer, M.; Caithness, T.; Dissanayake, C.; Eapen, V.; Fordyce, K.; Frewer, V.; Frost, G.; Hudry, K.; Iacono, T.; Mahler, N.; Masi, A.; Paynter, J.; Pye, K.; Quan, S.; Shellshear, L.; Sutherland, R.; Sievers, S.; Thirumanickam, A.; Westerveld, M.F.; et al.
2022Psychedelics and environmental virtuesKirkham, N.; Letheby, C.
2022Gaming disorder and the COVID-19 pandemic: Treatment demand and service delivery challengesKing, D.L.; Achab, S.; Higuchi, S.; Bowden-Jones, H.; Müller, K.W.; Billieux, J.; Starcevic, V.; Saunders, J.B.; Tam, P.; Delfabbro, P.H.
2022Are estimates of faces' ages less accurate when they wear sunglasses or face masks and do these disguises make it harder to later recognise the faces when undisguised?Thorley, C.; Acton, B.; Armstrong, J.; Ford, S.; Gundry, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2325