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2005A comparative approach to cue competition with one and two strong predictorsBaetu, I.; Baker, A.; Darredeau, C.; Murphy, R.
2015Accuracy-based measures provide a better measure of sequence learning than reaction time-based measuresUrry, K.; Burns, N.; Baetu, I.
2018Age-related differences in sequence learning: findings from two visuo-motor sequence learning tasksUrry, K.; Burns, N.; Baetu, I.
2012Are preventive and generative causal reasoning symmetrical? Extinction and competitionBaetu, I.; Baker, A.
2016Bottom-up associative mechanisms and generalization can account for apparent contrast effects between causes of different strengthsLober, J.; Baetu, I.; Baker, A.; Trobalon, J.; Chamizo, V.
2010Choosing optimal causal backgrounds for causal discoveryBarberia, I.; Baetu, I.; Sansa, J.; Baker, A.
2015Commonly-occurring polymorphisms in the COMT, DRD1 and DRD2 genes influence different aspects of motor sequence learning in humansBaetu, I.; Burns, N.; Urry, K.; Barbante, G.; Pitcher, J.
2009Competition between multiple causes of a single outcome in causal reasoningDarredeau, C.; Baetu, I.; Baker, A.; Murphy, R.
2010Development of prototype abstraction and exemplar memorizationBaetu, I.; Shultz, T.; Ohlsson, S.; Catrambone, R.; Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (32nd : 2010 : Portland, Oregon)
2011Do Associations Explain Mental Models of Cause?Barberia, I.; Baetu, I.; Murphy, R.; Baker, A.
2010Extinction and blocking of conditioned inhibition in human causal learningBaetu, I.; Baker, A.
2018Fluid abilities and rule learning: patterning and biconditional discriminationsBaetu, I.; Burns, N.; Yu, E.; Baker, A.
2009Human judgments of positive and negative causal chainsBaetu, I.; Baker, A.
2020Maladaptive avoidance patterns in Parkinson's disease are exacerbated by symptoms of depressionSheynin, J.; Baetu, I.; Collins-Praino, L.E.; Myers, C.E.; Winwood-Smith, R.; Moustafa, A.A.
2011Maybe this old dinosaur isn't extinct: what does Bayesian modeling add to associationism?Baetu, I.; Barberia, I.; Murphy, R.; Baker, A.
2005Mental models of causation: A comparative viewBaker, A.; Murphy, R.; Mehta, R.; Baetu, I.; Wills, A.
2018Polymorphisms in dopaminergic genes predict proactive inhibition in a Go/No-Go taskBeu, N.; Burns, N.; Baetu, I.; Behavior Genetics Association Meeting (20 Jun 2018 - 23 Jun 2018 : Cambridge, USA)
2019Polymorphisms in dopaminergic genes predict proactive processes of response inhibitionBeu, N.D.; Burns, N.R.; Baetu, I.
2009Propositional learning is a useful research heuristic but it is not a theoretical algorithmBaker, A.; Baetu, I.; Murphy, R.
2019Reasoning about redundant and non-redundant alternative causes of a single outcome: blocking or enhancement caused by the stronger causeBaetu, I.; Baker, A.G.