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2014A thematic study of the role of social support in the body image of burn survivorsHodder, K.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Parker, A.
2013Rewards can be used effectively with repeated exposure to increase liking of vegetables in 4-6-year-old childrenCorsini, N.; Slater, A.; Harrison, A.; Cooke, L.; Cox, D.
2016Does trait self-control predict weaker desire for unhealthy stimuli? A lab-based study of unhealthy snack intakeHaynes, A.; Kemps, E.; Moffitt, R.
2016Learning and choosing in an uncertain world: an investigation of the explore-exploit dilemma in static and dynamic environmentsNavarro, D.; Newell, B.; Schulze, C.
2018Interventions supporting development of young children with disabilities at environmental risk in Indonesia: a scoping reviewKiling, I.; Due, C.; Li, D.; Turnbull, D.
2013Total somatic symptom score as a predictor of health outcome in somatic symptom disordersTomenson, B.; Essau, C.; Jacobi, F.; Ladwig, K.; Leiknes, K.; Lieb, R.; Meinlschmidt, G.; Mcbeth, J.; Rosmalen, J.; Rief, W.; Sumathipala, A.; Creed, F.
2014Making arrangements in talk-in-interactionEkberg, S.; Lecouteur, A.
2015Fatigue is a major issue for children and adolescents with physical disabilitiesMaher, C.; Crettenden, A.; Evans, K.; Thiessen, M.; Toohey, M.; Watson, A.; Dollman, J.
2013Forgiveness, psychological distress and chronic pain: have we missed something?Dewar, G.; Burke, A.L.; Winefield, H.; Strelan, P.; PainAdelaide2013: Bringing Heads Together for Chronic Pain (8 Apr 2013 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2015Professional skills and personal characteristics for psychologists working in an urban Australian context with Indigenous clientsO'Connor, J.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Turnbull, D.