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2012The effect of feedback delay and feedback type on perceptual category learning: the limits of multiple systemsDunn, J.; Newell, B.; Kalish, M.
2006Career preferences of new medical students at four Australian universities: rural family medicine versus the restWright, B.; Scott, I.; Powis, D.; Woloschuk, W.; Henry, R.; Turnbull, D.; Ryan, G.
2008(Using) complementary and alternative medicine: The perceptions of palliative patients with cancerEliott, J.; Kealey, C.; Olver, I.
2003The roles of the convex hull and the number of potential intersections in performance on visually presented traveling salesperson problemsVickers, D.; Lee, M.; Dry, M.; Hughes, P.
2007Evaluating a program of psychological interventions in primary health care: Consumer distress disability and service usageWinefield, H.; Turnbull, D.; Seiboth, C.; Taplin, J.
2014The effects of ageing and visual field loss on pointing to visual targetsRubinstein, N.; Anderson, A.; Ma-Wyatt, A.; Walland, M.; McKendrick, A.; Bex, P.
2014Psychological variables associated with employment following spinal cord injury: a meta-analysisKent, M.; Dorstyn, D.
2010An exploratory study of the effect of acupuncture on self-efficacy for women seeking fertility supportKovarova, P.; Smith, C.; Turnbull, D.
2011Gynecological cancer survivors: Assessment of psychological distress and unmet supportive care needsUrbaniec, O.; Collins, K.; Denson, L.; Whitford, H.
2005A comparative approach to cue competition with one and two strong predictorsBaetu, I.; Baker, A.; Darredeau, C.; Murphy, R.