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2014The independent relationships between insomnia, depression, subtypes of anxiety, and chronotype during adolescenceAlvaro, P.; Roberts, R.; Harris, J.
2013Acceptance as a process variable in relation to catastrophizing in multidisciplinary pain treatmentBaranoff, J.; Hanrahan, S.; Kapur, D.; Connor, J.
2012Effectiveness of telephone counseling in managing psychological outcomes after spinal cord injury: a preliminary studyDorstyn, D.; Mathias, J.; Denson, L.; Robertson, M.
2018Efficacy of a telephone outcall program to reduce caregiver burden among caregivers of cancer patients [PROTECT]: a randomised controlled trialHeckel, L.; Fennell, K.; Reynolds, J.; Boltong, A.; Botti, M.; Osborne, R.; Mihalopoulos, C.; Chirgwin, J.; Williams, M.; Gaskin, C.; Ashley, D.; Livingston, P.
2008The role of depression and anxiety symptoms and hospital readmissions after cardiac surgeryTully, P.; Baker, R.; Turnbull, D.; Winefield, H.
2020Pilot trial of a group cognitive behavioural therapy program for comorbid depression and obesityLores, T.; Musker, M.; Collins, K.; Burke, A.; Perry, S.W.; Wong, M.L.; Licinio, J.
2013Negotiating behavioural change: Therapists' proposal turns in cognitive behavioural therapyEkberg, K.; Le Couteur, A.
2009Negative emotions and quality of life six months after cardiac surgery: the dominant role of depression not anxiety symptomsTully, P.; Baker, R.; Turnbull, D.; Winefield, H.; Knight, J.
2010Theories of depression and anxiety and cardiovascular outcomes in psychosomatic medicine and behavioral cardiologyTully, P.
2008Depression, anxiety and negative affect symptoms in coronary artery bypass graft surgery patientsTully, P.; Baker, R.