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2010Cognitive functioning in chronic fatigue syndrome: a meta-analysisCockshell, S.; Mathias, J.
2012HOMOR: Higher Order Model Outlier Rejection for high b-value MR diffusion dataPannek, K.; Raffelt, D.; Bell, C.; Mathias, J.; Rose, S.
2015Contribution of brain or biological reserve and cognitive or neural reserve to outcome after TBI: a meta-analysis (prior to 2015)Mathias, J.; Wheaton, P.
2015Psychological functioning of people living with chronic pain: a meta-analytic reviewBurke, A.; Mathias, J.; Denson, L.
2011Validity of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) as a screening test for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in a cardiovascular populationMcLennan, S.; Mathias, J.; Brennan, L.; Stewart, S.
2014Depression following adult, non-penetrating traumatic brain injury: A meta-analysis examining methodological variables and sample characteristicsOsborn, A.; Mathias, J.; Fairweather-Schmidt, A.
2007Changes in attention and information-processing speed following severe traumatic brain injury: A meta-analytic reviewMathias, J.; Wheaton, P.
2005Prospective and declarative memory problems following moderate and severe traumatic brain injuryMathias, J.; Mansfield, K.
2009Cognitive predictors of unsafe driving in older drivers: a meta-analysisMathias, J.; Lucas, L.
2014Contribution of psychological trauma to outcomes after traumatic brain injury: assaults versus sporting injuriesMathias, J.; Harman-Smith, Y.; Bowden, S.; Rosenfeld, J.; Bigler, E.