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2016Blood-based screening for bowel cancer may not resolve suboptimal screening participation in AustraliaZajac, I.; Duncan, A.; Turnbull, D.; Wilson, C.; Flight, I.
2016Intergenerational transmission of dietary behaviours: a qualitative study of Anglo-Australian, Chinese-Australian and Italian-Australian three-generation familiesRhodes, K.; Chan, F.; Prichard, I.; Coveney, J.; Ward, P.; Wilson, C.
2011Parent- and child-reported parenting. Associations with child weight-related outcomesTaylor, A.; Wilson, C.; Slater, A.; Mohr, P.
2005Intersecting electronic decision support with user modelling in a web-based consumer decision aid for colorectal cancer screeningDuszynski, A.; Flight, I.; Wilson, C.; Turnbull, D.; Cole, S.; Young, G.; International Conference on User Modelling (10th : 2005 : Edinburgh, Scotland)
2012Using the theory of planned behavior to understand health professionals' attitudes and intentions to refer cancer patients for psychosocial supportKam, K.; Knott, V.; Wilson, C.; Chambers, S.
2010Obesity-related behaviors in adolescent friendship networksde la Haye, K.; Robins, G.; Mohr, P.; Wilson, C.
2012Self-esteem and body dissatisfaction in young children: Associations with weight and perceived parenting styleTaylor, A.; Wilson, C.; Slater, A.; Mohr, P.
2002Personal vulnerability to victimization of people with mental retardationNettelbeck, T.; Wilson, C.
2012Predictors of re-participation in faecal occult blood test-based screening for colorectal cancerCole, S.; Gregory, T.; Whibley, A.; Ward, P.; Turnbull, D.; Wilson, C.; Flight, I.; Esterman, A.; Young, G.
2011How physical activity shapes, and is shaped by, adolescent friendshipsde la Haye, K.; Robins, G.; Mohr, P.; Wilson, C.