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2017Functional impairment matters in the screening and diagnosis of gaming disorderBillieux, J.; King, D.; Higuchi, S.; Achab, S.; Bowden-Jones, H.; Hao, W.; Long, J.; Lee, H.; Potenza, M.; Saunders, J.; Poznyak, V.
2018Motivational components of tolerance in Internet gaming disorderKing, D.; Herd, M.; Delfabbro, P.
2018Gamers’ insights into the phenomenology of normal gaming and game “addiction”: A mixed methods studyColder Carras, M.; Porter, A.; Van Rooij, A.; King, D.; Lange, A.; Carras, M.; Labrique, A.
2016Craving for internet games? Withdrawal symptoms from an 84-h abstinence from Massively Multiplayer Online gamingKing, D.; Kaptsis, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Gradisar, M.
2018A cross-lagged study of developmental trajectories of video game engagement, addiction, and mental healthKrossbakken, E.; Pallesen, S.; Mentzoni, R.; King, D.; Molde, H.; Finserås, T.; Torsheim, T.
2017Gambling games on social platforms: how do advertisements for social casino games target young adults?Abarbanel, B.; Gainsbury, S.; King, D.; Hing, N.; Delfabbro, P.
2017Virtual addictions: an examination of problematic social casino game use among at-risk gamblersGainsbury, S.; King, D.; Russell, A.; Delfabbro, P.; Hing, N.
2016Migration from social casino games to gambling: motivations and characteristics of gamers who gambleGainsbury, S.; Russell, A.; King, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Hing, N.
2011The role of structural characteristics in problematic video game playing: an empirical studyKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Griffiths, M.
2011Preliminary validation of a new clinical tool for identifying problem video game playingKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Zajac, I.