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2017Tolerance in Internet gaming disorder: a need for increasing gaming time or something else?King, D.; Herd, M.; Delfabbro, P.
2018Policy and prevention approaches for disordered and hazardous gaming and internet use: an international perspectiveKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Doh, Y.; Wu, A.; Kuss, D.; Pallesen, S.; Mentzoni, R.; Carragher, N.; Sakuma, H.
2013Toward a consensus definition of pathological video-gaming: a systematic review of psychometric assessment toolsKing, D.; Haagsma, M.; Delfabbro, P.; Gradisar, M.; Griffiths, M.
2016Exposure to and engagement with gambling marketing in social media: reported impacts on moderate-risk and problem gamblersGainsbury, S.; King, D.; Russell, A.; Delfabbro, P.; Derevensky, J.; Hing, N.
2014Sleep interference effects of pathological electronic media use during adolescenceKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Zwaans, T.; Kaptsis, D.
2012Cognitive-behavioral approaches to outpatient treatment of internet addiction in children and adolescentsKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Griffiths, M.; Gradisar, M.
2018Manifesto for a European research network into Problematic Usage of the InternetFineberg, N.; Demetrovics, Z.; Stein, D.; Ioannidis, K.; Potenza, M.; Grünblatt, E.; Brand, M.; Billieux, J.; Carmi, L.; King, D.; Grant, J.; Yücel, M.; Dell'Osso, B.; Rumpf, H.; Hall, N.; Hollander, E.; Goudriaan, A.; Menchon, J.; Zohar, J.; Burkauskas, J.; et al.
2012Video game addiction: past, present and futureGriffiths, M.; Kuss, D.; King, D.
2013Clinical features and axis I comorbidity of Australian adolescent pathological Internet and video game usersKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Zwaans, T.; Kaptsis, D.
2013Issues for DSM-5: Video-gaming disorder?King, D.; Delfabbro, P.