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2010The effect of causal strength on the use of causal and similarity-based information in feature inferenceStephens, R.; Navarro, D.; Dunn, J.; Lee, M.; Conference of the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science (9th : 2009 : Sydney, Australia)
2008One of these greebles is not like the others: Semi-supervised models for similarity structuresStephens, R.; Navarro, D.; Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (30th : 2008 : Washington DC)
2012What Bayesian modelling can tell us about statistical learning: what it requires and why it worksPerfors, A.; Navarro, D.
2014Language evolution can be shaped by the structure of the worldPerfors, A.; Navarro, D.
2009Fast and accurate calculations for first-passage times in Wiener diffusion modelsNavarro, D.; Fuss, I.
2016Structure at every scale: a semantic network account of the similarities between unrelated conceptsDe Deyne, S.; Navarro, D.; Perfors, A.; Storms, G.
2010Social context effects on the impact of category labelsStephens, R.; Perfors, A.; Navarro, D.; Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (32nd : 2010 : Portland, Oregon)
2013Success-slope effects on the illusion of control and on remembered success-frequencyEjova, A.; Navarro, D.; Delfabbro, P.
2017On the likelihood of "encapsulating all uncertainty"Martire, K.; Edmond, G.; Navarro, D.; Newell, B.
2016The helpfulness of category labels in semi-supervised learning depends on category structureVong, W.; Navarro, D.; Perfors, A.