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2008Categorization as nonparametric Bayesian density estimationGriffiths, T.; Sanborn, A.; Canini, K.; Navarro, D.
2001Clustering using the contrast modelNavarro, D.; Lee, M.; Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (23rd : 2001 : Edinburgh, Scotland)
2005An application of minimum description length clustering to partitioning learning curvesNavarro, D.; Lee, M.; IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (2005 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2005Learned categorical perception for natural facesNavarro, D.; Lee, M.; Nikkerud, H.; Cognitive Science Society. Annual Conference (27th : 2005 : Stresa, Italy)
2007A Bayesian approach to diffusion models of decision-making and response timeLee, M.; Fuss, I.; Navarro, D.; Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (20th : 2006 : Vancouver, Canada)
2005Model selection in cognitive science as an inverse problemMyung, J.; Pitt, M.; Navarro, D.; IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Science and Technology Symposium - Conference 5674 Computational Imaging III (17th : 2005 : San Jose, Calif.)
2009NML, Bayes and true distributions: A comment on Karabatsos and Walker (2006)Grunwald, P.; Navarro, D.
2010Minimal paths in the city block: Human performance on Euclidean and non-Euclidean travelling salesperson problemsWalwyn, A.; Navarro, D.
2007Unifying rational models of categorization via the hierarchical Dirichlet processGriffiths, T.; Canini, K.; Sanborn, A.; Navarro, D.; Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (29th : 2007 : Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
2007Understanding user behavior using cognitive modelsNavarro, D.; Maio Mackay, M.; O'Doherty, K.; Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (29th : 2007 : Nashville, Tennessee, USA)