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2015Mothers’ experiences of the NICU and a NICU support group programmeTurner, M.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Winefield, H.
2014The neonatal nurses' view of their role in emotional support of parents and its complexitiesTurner, M.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Winefield, H.
2017Experiences of fly-in, fly-out and drive-in, drive-out rural and remote psychologistsSutherland, C.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Winefield, H.
2014Work-family conflict and well-being in university employeesWinefield, H.; Boyd, C.; Winefield, A.
2013Forgiveness, psychological distress and chronic pain: have we missed something?Dewar, G.; Burke, A.L.; Winefield, H.; Strelan, P.; PainAdelaide2013: Bringing Heads Together for Chronic Pain (08 Apr 2013 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2019Unique associations of the Job Demand-Control-Support model subscales with leisure-time physical activity and dietary energy intakeBean, C.; Winefield, H.; Hutchinson, A.; Sargent, C.; Shi, Z.
2012The influence of emotional labour and emotional work on the occupational health and wellbeing of South Australian hospital nursesPisaniello, S.; Winefield, H.; Delfabbro, P.
2012Psychological well-being and psychological distress: is it necessary to measure both?Winefield, H.; Gill, T.; Taylor, A.; Pilkington, R.
2011It's not just the squeaky wheels that need the oil: Examining teachers' views on the disparity between referral rates for students with internalizing versus externalizing problemsPapandrea, C.; Winefield, H.
2015Hindrances are not threats: advancing the multidimensionality of work stressTuckey, M.; Searle, B.; Boyd, C.; Winefield, A.; Winefield, H.