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2014Service provision for older people with mental health problems in a rural area of AustraliaMuir-Cochrane, E.; O'Kane, D.; Barkway, P.; Oster, C.; Fuller, J.
2018Internet pornography viewing preference as a risk factor for adolescent Internet addiction: the moderating role of classroom personality factorsAlexandraki, K.; Stavropoulos, V.; Burleigh, T.; King, D.; Griffiths, M.
2018A cross-lagged study of developmental trajectories of video game engagement, addiction, and mental healthKrossbakken, E.; Pallesen, S.; Mentzoni, R.; King, D.; Molde, H.; Finserås, T.; Torsheim, T.
2018An 18-mo randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of DHA-rich fish oil to prevent age-related cognitive decline in cognitively normal older adultsDanthiir, V.; Hosking, D.; Nettelbeck, T.; Vincent, A.; Wilson, C.; O'Callaghan, N.; Calvaresi, E.; Clifton, P.; Wittert, G.
2018Humans and algorithms for facial recognition: the effects of candidate list length and experience on performanceHeyer, R.; Semmler, C.; Hendrickson, A.
2017Association of delirium with cognitive decline in late life: a neuropathologic study of 3 population-based cohort studiesDavis, D.; Muniz-Terrera, G.; Keage, H.; Stephan, B.; Fleming, J.; Ince, P.; Matthews, F.; Cunningham, C.; Ely, E.; MacLullich, A.; Brayne, C.; McKeith, I.; Polvikoski, T.; Sulkava, R.; Hardy, J.; Melzer, D.; Myllykangas, L.; Nicoll, J.; Singleton, A.; Tienari, P.; et al.
2018Combining perceptual regulation and exergaming for exercise prescription in low-active adults with and without cognitive impairmentMcAuliffe, L.; Parfitt, G.; Eston, R.; Gray, C.; Keage, H.; Smith, A.
2014TDP-43 pathology in the population: prevalence and associations with dementia and ageKeage, H.; Hunter, S.; Matthews, F.; Ince, P.; Hodges, J.; Hokkanen, S.; Highley, J.; Dening, T.; Brayne, C.
2019Knowledge, skills, and attitudes of psychologists working with persons with vision impairmentRoche, Y.; Chur-Hansen, A.
2012Delirium is a strong risk factor for dementia in the oldest-old: a population-based cohort studyDavis, D.; Muniz Terrera, G.; Keage, H.; Rahkonen, T.; Oinas, M.; Matthews, F.; Cunningham, C.; Polvikoski, T.; Sulkava, R.; MacLullich, A.; Brayne, C.