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2019Digital drift and the “sense of injustice”: counter-productive policing of youth cybercrimeHolt, T.J.; Brewer, R.; Goldsmith, A.
2019Group activity participation at age 21 and depressive symptoms during boom and recession in Sweden: a 20-year follow-upBean, C.; Virtanen, M.; Westerlund, H.; Berg, N.; Hallqvist, J.; Hammarström, A.
2016Specific combinations of ion channel inhibitors reduce excessive Ca²⁺ influx as a consequence of oxidative stress and increase neuronal and glial cell viability in vitroO'Hare Doig, R.; Bartlett, C.; Smith, N.; Hodgetts, S.; Dunlop, S.; Hool, L.; Fitzgerald, M.
2019A follow-up evaluation of the health, wellbeing, and safety outcomes of implemented psychosocial safety interventions for disability support workersHarries, J.; Kirby, N.; Ford, J.
2013Using state-trace analysis to dissociate the functions of the human hippocampus and perirhinal cortex in recognition memoryStaresina, B.; Fell, J.; Dunn, J.; Axmacher, N.; Henson, R.
2013A framework for stakeholder identification in concept mapping and health research: a novel process and its application to older adult mobility and the built environmentSchiller, C.; Winters, M.; Hanson, H.; Ashe, M.
2019“You'll have to be my eyes and ears”: a conversation analytic study of physical examination on a health helplineLopriore, S.; Le Couteur, A.; Ekberg, K.; Ekberg, S.
2019Logic, evidence and consensus: towards a more constructive debate on gaming disorderKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Potenza, M.; Demetrovics, Z.; Billieux, J.; Brand, M.
2012A test of "reason-based" and "reluctance-to-think" accounts of the disjunction effectLi, S.; Jiang, C.; Dunn, J.; Wang, Z.
2015The experience of being a guide dog puppy raiser volunteer: a longitudinal qualitative collective case studyChur-Hansen, A.; Werner, L.; McGuiness, C.; Hazel, S.