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2011A longitudinal test of the job demands-resources model among Australian university academicsBoyd, C.; Bakker, A.; Pignata, S.; Winefield, A.; Gillespie, N.; Stough, C.
2016Explicit spatial compatibility is not critical to the object handle effectSaccone, E.; Churches, O.; Nicholls, M.
2014Cognitive deficit awareness in schizophrenia: absent, intact, or somewhere in-between?Balzan, R.; Neaves, A.; Denson, L.; Liu, D.; Galletly, C.
2015Using MBCT in a chronic pain setting: a qualitative analysis of participants’ experiencesMoore, K.; Martin, M.
2018Normal adult and adolescent performance on TASIT-S, a short version of The Assessment of Social Inference TestMcDonald, S.; Honan, C.; Allen, S.; El-Helou, R.; Kelly, M.; Kumfor, F.; Piguet, O.; Hazelton, J.; Padgett, C.; Keage, H.
2016Cognition, temperament, and cerebral blood flow velocity in toddlers and preschool children with sleep-disordered breathing or behavioral insomnia of childhoodSpooner, R.; Lushington, K.; Keage, H.; Blunden, S.; Kennedy, J.; Schembri, M.; Wabnitz, D.; Martin, A.; Kohler, M.
2014Respiratory cycle-related electroencephalographic changes during sleep in healthy children and in children with sleep disordered breathingImmanuel, S.; Pamula, Y.; Kohler, M.; Martin, J.; Kennedy, D.; Saint, D.; Baumert, M.
2018Pulse wave amplitude and heart period variability in children with upper airway obstructionLiu, X.; Immanuel, S.; Pamula, Y.; Martin, J.; Kennedy, D.; Kohler, M.; Baumert, M.
2019Flavonoid genistein protects bone marrow sinusoidal blood vessels from damage by methotrexate therapy in ratsHassanshahi, M.; Su, Y.; Khabbazi, S.; Fan, C.; Chen, K.; Wang, J.; Qian, A.; Howe, P.; Yan, D.; Zhou, H.; Xian, C.
2015Testing a model of facilitated reflection on network feedback: a mixed method study on integration of rural mental health care services for older peopleFuller, J.; Oster, C.; Muir-Cochrane, E.; Dawson, S.; Lawn, S.; Henderson, J.; O'Kane, D.; Gerace, A.; McPhail, R.; Sparkes, D.; Fuller, M.; Reed, R.