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2018"It’s just what you do": Australian middle-class heterosexual couples negotiating compulsory parenthoodRiggs, D.; Bartholomaeus, C.
2019A longitudinal investigation of Western Australian families impacted by parental cancer with adolescent and young adult offspringMorris, J.; Zajac, I.; Turnbull, D.; Preen, D.; Patterson, P.; Martini, A.
2017The psychological effects of unemployment and unsatisfactory employment on young adults: findings from a 10-Year longitudinal studyWinefield, A.; Delfabbro, P.; Winefield, H.; Duong, D.; Malvaso, C.
2012The psychophysiology of narrower face processing in autism spectrum conditionsChurches, O.; Baron-Cohen, S.; Ring, H.
2018Co-expression network analysis of peripheral blood transcriptome identifies dysregulated protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum and immune response in recurrent MDD in older adultsCiobanu, L.; Sachdev, P.; Trollor, J.; Reppermund, S.; Thalamuthu, A.; Mather, K.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Stacey, D.; Toben, C.; Schubert, K.; Baune, B.
2019Altering meal timing to improve cognitive performance during simulated nightshifts.Gupta, C.C.; Centofanti, S.; Dorrian, J.; Coates, A.; Stepien, J.M.; Kennaway, D.; Wittert, G.; Heilbronn, L.; Catcheside, P.; Noakes, M.; Coro, D.; Chandrakumar, D.; Banks, S.
2013Negotiating behavioural change: Therapists' proposal turns in cognitive behavioural therapyEkberg, K.; Le Couteur, A.
2018Formyl peptide receptor-2 is decreased in foetal growth restriction and contributes to placental dysfunctionLappas, M.; McCracken, S.; McKelvey, K.; Lim, R.; James, J.; Roberts, C.; Fournier, T.; Alfaidy, N.; Powell, K.; Borg, A.; Morris, J.; Leaw, B.; Singh, H.; Ebeling, P.; Wallace, E.; Parry, L.; Dimitriadis, E.; Murthi, P.
2017Uptake and adherence to an online intervention for cancer-related distress: older age is not a barrier to adherence but may be a barrier to uptakeBeatty, L.; Kemp, E.; Binnion, C.; Turner, J.; Milne, D.; Butow, P.; Lambert, S.; Yates, P.; Yip, D.; Koczwara, B.
2011Body image and psychological well-being in adolescents: The relationship between gender and school typeDelfabbro, P.; Winefield, A.; Anderson, S.; Hammarstrom, A.; Winefield, H.