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2013Advancing psychotherapy and evidence-based psychological interventionsEmmelkamp, P.; David, D.; Beckers, T.; Muris, P.; Cuijpers, P.; Lutz, W.; Andersson, G.; Araya, R.; Banos Rivera, R.; Barkham, M.; Berking, M.; Berger, T.; Botella, C.; Carlbring, P.; Colom, F.; Essau, C.; Hermans, D.; Hofmann, S.; Knappe, S.; Ollendick, T.; et al.
2015NMFE-SSCC: non-negative matrix factorization ensemble for semi-supervised collective classificationWu, Q.; Tan, M.; Li, X.; Min, H.; Sun, N.
2013Task- related functional connectivity in autism spectrum conditions: an EEG study using wavelet transform coherenceCatarino, A.; Andrade, A.; Churches, O.; Wagner, A.; Baron-Cohen, S.; Ring, H.
2018Are there two processes in reasoning? The dimensionality of inductive and deductive inferencesStephens, R.; Dunn, J.; Hayes, B.
2016Shared versus distinct genetic contributions of mental wellbeing with depression and anxiety symptoms in healthy twinsRoutledge, K.; Burton, K.; Williams, L.; Harris, A.; Schofield, P.; Clark, C.; Gatt, J.
2016Challenging the notion of the transition year: the experiences of rural and urban tertiary studentsWilson, A.L.; Greenacre, L.; Pignata, S.; Winefield, A.
2014Perceived effects of organizational downsizing and staff cuts on the stress experience: the role of resourcesBoyd, C.; Tuckey, M.; Winefield, A.
2016ProBDNF signaling regulates depression-like behaviors in rodents under chronic stressZhou, L.; Liu, D.; Zeng, Y.; Wang, T.; Tian, C.; Liao, H.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Zhou, X.
2016Adult regularization of inconsistent input depends on pragmatic factorsPerfors, A.
2014Deservingness, liking relations, schadenfreude, and other discrete emotions in the context of the outcomes of plagiarismFeather, N.; McKee, I.