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2016Explicit spatial compatibility is not critical to the object handle effectSaccone, E.; Churches, O.; Nicholls, M.
2016Dads care too! Participation in paid employment and experiences of workplace flexibility for Australian fathers caring for children and young adults with disabilitiesWright, A.; Crettenden, A.; Skinner, N.
2012Physical activity and depression in adolescents: cross-sectional findings from the ALSPAC cohortWiles, N.; Haase, A.; Lawlor, D.; Ness, A.; Lewis, G.
2016Contextual and environmental influences on reported dietary energy intake at evening eating occasionsLock, C.; Brindal, E.; Hendrie, G.A.; Cox, D.N.
2016An examination of stakeholder attitudes and understanding of therapeutic jurisprudence in a mental health courtLim, L.; Day, A.
2016Conformity and reactance in the I Ching using a Q-Sort/RNG-PK method: a pilot studyStorm, L.
2016Believe it or not: III. Further analyses on predictors of paranormal beliefBillows, H.; Storm, L.
2014A genome-wide association study of anorexia nervosaBoraska, V.; Franklin, C.; Floyd, J.; Thornton, L.; Huckins, L.; Southam, L.; Rayner, N.; Tachmazidou, I.; Klump, K.; Treasure, J.; Lewis, C.; Schmidt, U.; Tozzi, F.; Kiezebrink, K.; Hebebrand, J.; Gorwood, P.; Adan, R.; Kas, M.; Favaro, A.; Santonastaso, P.; et al.
2015The neural correlates of risky decision making across short and long runsRao, L.; Dunn, J.; Zhou, Y.; Li, S.
2016Schizophrenia and the estranged selfFernández, J.; Bliss, S.