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2013Total somatic symptom score as a predictor of health outcome in somatic symptom disordersTomenson, B.; Essau, C.; Jacobi, F.; Ladwig, K.; Leiknes, K.; Lieb, R.; Meinlschmidt, G.; Mcbeth, J.; Rosmalen, J.; Rief, W.; Sumathipala, A.; Creed, F.
2015Fatigue is a major issue for children and adolescents with physical disabilitiesMaher, C.; Crettenden, A.; Evans, K.; Thiessen, M.; Toohey, M.; Watson, A.; Dollman, J.
2017More is generally better: higher working memory capacity does not impair perceptual category learningKalish, M.; Newell, B.; Dunn, J.
2015Empiricism and Language LearnabilityChater, N.; Clark, A.; Goldsmith, J.; Perfors, A.
2017A life-long approach to physical activity for brain healthMacpherson, H.; Teo, W.; Schneider, L.; Smith, A.
2016A systematic review of the factor structure and reliability of the Spence Children's Anxiety ScaleOrgilés, M.; Fernández-Martínez, I.; Guillén-Riquelme, A.; Espada, J.; Essau, C.
2016Characterizing and predicting trajectories of disordered eating over adolescenceFairweather-Schmidt, A.; Wade, T.
2013Depressive symptoms among children and adolescents in Iran: a confirmatory factor analytic study of the Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale for ChildrenEssau, C.; Olaya, B.; Pasha, G.; Gilvarry, C.; Bray, D.
2018The dimensionality of reasoning: inductive and deductive inference can be explained by a single processHayes, B.; Stephens, R.; Ngo, J.; Dunn, J.
2017A randomized controlled trial of Kundalini yoga in mild cognitive impairmentEyre, H.; Siddarth, P.; Acevedo, B.; Van Dyk, K.; Paholpak, P.; Ercoli, L.; St Cyr, N.; Yang, H.; Khalsa, D.; Lavretsky, H.