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2017The shared and unique genetic relationship between mental well-being, depression and anxiety symptoms and cognitive function in healthy twinsRoutledge, K.; Burton, K.; Williams, L.; Harris, A.; Schofield, P.; Clark, C.; Gatt, J.
2014Norms of age of acquisition and concreteness for 30,000 Dutch wordsBrysbaert, M.; Stevens, M.; De Deyne, S.; Voorspoels, W.; Storms, G.
2010Is categorical perception really verbally mediated perception?Hendrickson, A.T.; Kachergis, G.; Gureckis, T.M.; Goldstone, R.L.; 32nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (11 Aug 2010 - 14 Aug 2010 : Portland, Oregon)
2009Perceptual unitization in part-whole judgmentsHendrickson, A.T.; Goldstone, R.L.; 31st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (29 Jul 2009 - 01 Aug 2009 : Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2010Categorical perceptionGoldstone, R.; Hendrickson, A.
2014Anxiety disorders in adolescents and psychosocial outcomes at age 30Essau, C.; Lewinsohn, P.; Olaya, B.; Seeley, J.
2015Burden on informal caregivers of elderly cancer survivors: risk versus resilienceJones, S.; Whitford, H.; Bond, M.
2018People of diverse genders and/or sexualities and their animal companions: experiences of family violence in a binational sampleSignal, T.; Fraser, H.; Donovan, C.
2015Learning organisations: A literature review and critiqueTalbot, S.; Stothard, C.; Drobnjak, M.; McDowall, D.; Defence Science and Technology Organisation
2012Skill acquisition and retention in training: DSTO support to the army ammunition studyStothard, C.; Nicholson, R.; Defence Science and Technology Organisation