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2013Comparison of mailed invitation strategies to improve fecal occult blood test participation in men: protocol for a randomized controlled trialDuncan, A.; Zajac, I.; Flight, I.; Stewart, B.; Wilson, C.; Turnbull, D.
2019Investigation of the factors contributing to indigenous students’ retention and attrition rates at the University of Adelaide.Hearn, S.; Benton, M.; Funnell, S.; Marmolejo-Ramos, F.
2002Children's satisfaction with out-of-home care in South AustraliaDelfabbro, P.; Barber, J.; Bentham, Y.
2008Constructions of Australia in pro- and anti-asylum seeker political discourseEvery, D.; Augoustinos, M.
2011Validity of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) as a screening test for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in a cardiovascular populationMcLennan, S.; Mathias, J.; Brennan, L.; Stewart, S.
2017The PHF21B gene is associated with major depression and modulates the stress responseWong, M.; Arcos-Burgos, M.; Liu, S.; VĂ©lez, J.; Yu, C.; Baune, B.; Jawahar, M.; Arolt, V.; Dannlowski, U.; Chuah, A.; Huttley, G.; Fogarty, R.; Lewis, M.; Bornstein, S.; Licinio, J.
2006Ginkgo biloba: no robust effect on cognitive abilities or mood in healthy young or older adultsBurns, N.; Bryan, J.; Nettelbeck, T.
2009A test of the cascade model in the elderlyGregory, T.; Nettelbeck, T.; Howard, S.; Wilson, C.
2012Do purpose-designed auditory tasks measure general speediness?Zajac, I.; Burns, N.; Nettelbeck, T.
2005Intelligence and IQ: what teachers should knowNettelbeck, T.; Wilson, C.