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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998The construction of stereotypes within social psychology : From social cognition to ideologyAugoustinos, M.; Walker, I.
1995The abilities of a musical savant and his familyYoung, R.; Nettelbeck, T.
1999Emotional and Cognitive Sequelae to Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryMathias, J.; Coats, J.
2013Teaching mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to trainee psychologists: qualitative and quantitative effectsHopkins, A.; Proeve, M.
2007Interactive experience in a public contextBilda, Z.; Edmonds, E.; Turnbull, D.; Creativity and Cognition: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI (6th : 2007 : Washington, DC)
2010Mood disturbance and withdrawal severity in substitution treatment for opioid dependence: Their association and impact on continued illicit drug useKettler, L.; Nikic, M.; Newcombe, D.; Ali, R.
2010Employee perceptions of fairness as predictors of workers' compensation claims for psychological injury: An Australian case-control studyWinefield, H.; Saebel, J.; Winefield, A.
2017Barriers and facilitators for health professionals referring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tobacco smokers to the QuitlineMartin, K.; Dono, J.; Rigney, N.; Rayner, J.; Sparrow, A.; Miller, C.; Mckivett, A.; O'Dea, K.; Roder, D.; Bowden, J.
2012A test of "reason-based" and "reluctance-to-think" accounts of the disjunction effectLi, S.; Jiang, C.; Dunn, J.; Wang, Z.
2018Assessing whether early attention of very preterm infants can be improved by an omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid intervention: a follow-up of a randomised controlled trialGould, J.F.; Colombo, J.; Collins, C.T.; Makrides, M.; Hewawasam, E.; Smithers, L.G.