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2014Work-family conflict and well-being in university employeesWinefield, H.; Boyd, C.; Winefield, A.
2015Length of unemployment and health-related outcomes: a life-course analysisJanlert, U.; Winefield, A.; Hammarström, A.
2019Putative risk alleles for LATE-NC with hippocampal sclerosis in population-representative autopsy cohortsHokkanen, S.R.; Kero, M.; Kaivola, K.; Hunter, S.; Keage, H.A.; Kiviharju, A.; Raunio, A.; Tienari, P.J.; Paetau, A.; Matthews, F.E.; Fleming, J.; Graff, C.; Polvikoski, T.M.; Myllykangas, L.; Brayne, C.; EClipSE Collaboration
2019Temporal expectations modulate face image repetition suppression of early stimulus evoked event-related potentialsFeuerriegel, D.; Churches, O.; Coussens, S.; Keage, H.
2009Intracerebroventricular administration of cannabinoid CB1 receptor antagonists AM251 and AM4113 fails to alter food-reinforced behavior in ratsSink, K.; Segovia, K.; Nunes, E.; Collins-Praino, L.; Vemuri, V.; Thakur, G.; Makriyannis, A.; Salamone, J.
2010The CB1 inverse agonist AM251, but not the CB1 antagonist AM4113, enhances retention of contextual fear conditioning in ratsSink, K.; Segovia, K.; Collins-Praino, L.; Markus, E.; Vemuri, V.; Makriyannis, A.; Salamone, J.
2010Oral tremor induced by the muscarinic agonist pilocarpine is suppressed by the adenosine A2A antagonists MSX-3 and SCH58261, but not the adenosine A1 antagonist DPCPXCollins-Praino, L.; Galtieri, D.; Brennum, L.; Sager, T.; Hockemeyer, J.; Muller, C.; Hinman, J.; Chrobak, J.; Salamone, J.
2005Computer-assisted group therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety in general practiceMitchell, J.; Howell, C.; Turnbull, D.; Murphy, M.
2010Leisure activities and adolescent psychological well-beingTrainor, S.; Delfabbro, P.; Anderson, S.; Winefield, A.
2014The influence of protective and risk factors in individual, peer and school domains on Thai adolescents' alcohol and illicit drug use: a surveyWongtongkam, N.; Ward, P.; Day, A.; Winefield, A.