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2020Empowering consumers as equal partners at scientific conferences in nephrologyMuthuramalingam, S.; Scholes-Robertson, N.; Carswell, P.; Maistry, C.; Paulo, K.; Duncanson, E.
2019Women’s psychosocial outcomes following an emergency caesarean section: a systematic literature reviewBenton, M.; Salter, A.; Tape, N.; Wilkinson, C.; Turnbull, D.
2020An evidence accumulation model of perceptual discrimination with naturalistic stimuliPalada, H.; Searston, R.A.; Persson, A.; Ballard, T.; Thompson, M.B.
2019Post-traumatic stress disorder in heart failure patients: a test of the cardiac disease-induced PTSD hypothesisTully, P.; Cosh, S.M.
2019The performance of practitioners conducting facial comparisons on images of children across ageMichalski, D.; Heyer, R.; Semmler, C.
2020Collective intelligence in fingerprint analysisTangen, J.M.; Kent, K.M.; Searston, R.A.
2012Perceptual underconfidence: a conceptual illusion?Stankov, L.; Pallier, G.; Danthiir, V.; Morony, S.
2016Trajectories of depressive symptoms after a major cardiac eventMittag, O.; Kampling, H.; Farin, E.; Tully, P.
2015Depression, anxiety and major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events in patients following coronary artery bypass graft surgery: a five year longitudinal cohort studyTully, P.; Winefield, H.; Baker, R.; Denollet, J.; Pedersen, S.; Wittert, G.; Turnbull, D.
2019Depression in elderly patients with hearing loss: current perspectivesCosh, S.; Helmer, C.; Delcourt, C.; Robins, T.G.; Tully, P.