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2014“Building yourself to better cope”: a case study of a cycling team led by cancer survivorsMcGuiness, C.E.; Eliott, J.; Florey International Postgraduate Research Conference (25 Sep 2014 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2001Criminal victimization of persons with mental retardation: The influence of interpersonal competence on riskNettelbeck, T.; Wilson, C.
2014‘An image of hope in a week of despair’: Representations of Sam the Koala in the Australian mainstream news mediaDue, C.; Thompson, K.; Every, D.
2019Anticipation of a midsession reversal in humansMcMillan, N.; Spetch, M.
2019Short-term environmental enrichment, and not physical exercise, alleviate cognitive decline and anxiety from middle age onwards without affecting hippocampal gene expressionSinghal, G.; Morgan, J.; Jawahar, M.; Corrigan, F.; Jaehne, E.; Toben, C.; Breen, J.; Pederson, S.; Hannan, A.; Baune, B.
2020A public health approach to preventing child maltreatment: an intelligent information infrastructure to help us know what worksMalvaso, C.; Pilkington, R.; Montgomerie, A.; Delfabbro, P.; Lynch, J.
2003The role of psychologists in fostering the wellbeing of older AustraliansGething, L.; Gridley, H.; Browning, C.; Helmes, E.; Luszcz, M.; Turner, J.; Ward, L.; Wells, Y.
2020Avatar- and self-related processes and problematic gaming: a systematic reviewGreen, R.; Delfabbro, P.H.; King, D.L.
2020Associations between cognitive function, hospitalizations and costs in nursing homes: a cross-sectional studyGnanamanickam, E.S.; Dyer, S.M.; Harrison, S.L.; Liu, E.; Whitehead, C.; Crotty, M.
2008Expectancy violation and perceptions of rape victim credibilityHackett, L.; Day, A.; Mohr, P.