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2014Power and revengeStrelan, P.; Weick, M.; Vasiljevic, M.
2018Factors that influence the training transfer and maintenance of conflict resolution programs of Healthcare training units: a retrospective study in Applied PsychologyVandergoot, S.; Sarris, A.; Kirby, N.; Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology (SCAP 2017) (29 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017 : Singapore)
2014Norms of age of acquisition and concreteness for 30,000 Dutch wordsBrysbaert, M.; Stevens, M.; De Deyne, S.; Voorspoels, W.; Storms, G.
2012Comorbid externalising behaviour in AD/HD: evidence for a distinct pathological entity in adolescencePerera, S.; Crewther, D.; Croft, R.; Keage, H.; Hermens, D.; Clark, C.
2017Age of acquisition effects on word processing for Chinese native learners' english: ERP evidence for the arbitrary mapping hypothesisXue, J.; Liu, T.; Marmolejo-Ramos, F.; Pei, X.
2015Gay MenRiggs, D.
2017Geneticization in MIM/OMIMĀ®? Exploring historic and epistemic drivers of contemporary understandings of genetic diseaseAnkeny, R.
2000The construction of Aboriginal identity in people separated from their families, communities and culture: pieces of a jigsawClark, Y.
2016Cognition, temperament, and cerebral blood flow velocity in toddlers and preschool children with sleep-disordered breathing or behavioral insomnia of childhoodSpooner, R.; Lushington, K.; Keage, H.; Blunden, S.; Kennedy, J.; Schembri, M.; Wabnitz, D.; Martin, A.; Kohler, M.
2016Healing through giving testimony: An empirical study with Sri Lankan torture survivorsPuvimanasinghe, T.; Price, I.