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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011How physical activity shapes, and is shaped by, adolescent friendshipsde la Haye, K.; Robins, G.; Mohr, P.; Wilson, C.
2015Watching reality weight loss TV. The effects on body satisfaction, mood, and snack food consumptionBourn, R.; Prichard, I.; Hutchinson, A.; Wilson, C.
2014Behavioural and demographic predictors of adherence to three consecutive faecal occult blood test screening opportunities: a population studyDuncan, A.; Turnbull, D.; Wilson, C.; Osborne, J.; Cole, S.; Flight, I.; Young, G.
2013Ambivalence and its influence on participation in screening for colorectal cancerOster, C.; Zajac, I.; Flight, I.; Hart, E.; Young, G.; Wilson, C.; Turnbull, D.
2011Assessing lifetime diet: reproducibility of a self-administered, non-quantitative FFQHosking, D.; Danthiir, V.; Nettelbeck, T.; Wilson, C.
2013Adolescents' intake of junk food: processes and mechanisms driving consumption similarities among friendsde la Haye, K.; Robins, G.; Mohr, P.; Wilson, C.
2014The Skin Cancer and Sun Knowledge (SCSK) Scale: validity, reliability, and relationship to sun-related behaviors among young western adultsDay, A.; Wilson, C.; Roberts, R.; Hutchinson, A.
2011Homophily and contagion as explanations for weight similarities among adolescent friendsde la Haye, K.; Robins, G.; Mohr, P.; Wilson, C.
2017A Mediterranean diet lowers blood pressure and improves endothelial function: results from the MedLey randomized intervention trialDavis, C.; Hodgson, J.; Woodman, R.; Bryan, J.; Wilson, C.; Murphy, K.
2013A meta-analysis of the effects of chemotherapy on cognition in patients with cancerGiles, K.; Hutchinson, A.; Wilson, C.; Nettelbeck, T.