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2015Half full or half empty: the measurement of mental health and mental illness in emerging Australian adultsTeng, E.; Venning, A.; Winefield, H.; Crabb, S.
2016Mid-adolescent predictors of adult drinking levels in early adulthood and gender differences: longitudinal analyses based on the South Australian school leavers studyDelfabbro, P.; Winefield, H.; Winefield, A.; Hammarström, A.
2017Crying wolf? Australian adolescents’ perceptions of the ambiguity of visible indicators of mental health and authenticity of mental illnessTeng, E.; Crabb, S.; Winefield, H.; Venning, A.
2010Predictors of psychological strain and positive work attitudes in university staffWinefield, T.; Boyd, C.; Pignata, S.; Winefield, H.
2011Consequences of being accused of workplace bullying: An exploratory studyJenkins, M.; Winefield, H.; Sarris, A.
2013Health psychology in relation to employmentWinefield, H.
2010Employee perceptions of fairness as predictors of workers' compensation claims for psychological injury: An Australian case-control studyWinefield, H.; Saebel, J.; Winefield, A.
2013Perceptions of unfairness in the management of bullying complaints: exploring the consequencesJenkins, M.; Winefield, H.; Sarris, A.
2013Internalized symptoms in adolescence as predictors of mental health in adulthood in the Northern Swedish cohortWinefield, H.; Hammarstrom, A.; Nygren, K.; Hagglof, B.
2011Anxiety, depression, and stress as risk factors for atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgeryTully, P.; Bennetts, J.; Baker, R.; McGavigan, A.; Turnbull, D.; Winefield, H.