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2013Total somatic symptom score as a predictor of health outcome in somatic symptom disordersTomenson, B.; Essau, C.; Jacobi, F.; Ladwig, K.; Leiknes, K.; Lieb, R.; Meinlschmidt, G.; Mcbeth, J.; Rosmalen, J.; Rief, W.; Sumathipala, A.; Creed, F.
2013Depressive symptoms among children and adolescents in Iran: a confirmatory factor analytic study of the Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale for ChildrenEssau, C.; Olaya, B.; Pasha, G.; Gilvarry, C.; Bray, D.
2013Advancing psychotherapy and evidence-based psychological interventionsEmmelkamp, P.; David, D.; Beckers, T.; Muris, P.; Cuijpers, P.; Lutz, W.; Andersson, G.; Araya, R.; Banos Rivera, R.; Barkham, M.; Berking, M.; Berger, T.; Botella, C.; Carlbring, P.; Colom, F.; Essau, C.; Hermans, D.; Hofmann, S.; Knappe, S.; Ollendick, T.; et al.
2013Task- related functional connectivity in autism spectrum conditions: an EEG study using wavelet transform coherenceCatarino, A.; Andrade, A.; Churches, O.; Wagner, A.; Baron-Cohen, S.; Ring, H.
2013Improving children's dairy food and calcium intake: can intervention work? A systematic review of the literatureHendrie, G.; Brindal, E.; Baird, D.; Gardner, C.
2013Promoting positive change in the face of adversity: experiences of cancer and post-traumatic growthConnerty, Tracy Jayne; Knott, Vikki Elizabeth
2013Effects of short-term disability awareness training on attitudes of adolescent schoolboys toward persons with a disabilityMoore, D.; Nettelbeck, T.
2013Using state-trace analysis to dissociate the functions of the human hippocampus and perirhinal cortex in recognition memoryStaresina, B.; Fell, J.; Dunn, J.; Axmacher, N.; Henson, R.
2013The relationship between mindful parenting and distress in parents of children with an autism spectrum disorderBeer, M.; Ward, L.; Moar, K.
2013Fluency Profiling System: an automated system for analyzing the temporal properties of speechLittle, D.; Oehmen, R.; Dunn, J.; Hird, K.; Kirsner, K.