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2015Fatigue is a major issue for children and adolescents with physical disabilitiesMaher, C.; Crettenden, A.; Evans, K.; Thiessen, M.; Toohey, M.; Watson, A.; Dollman, J.
2015Empiricism and Language LearnabilityChater, N.; Clark, A.; Goldsmith, J.; Perfors, A.
2015A binational registry of adults with pulmonary arterial hypertension complicating congenital heart diseaseStrange, G.; Rose, M.; Kermeen, F.; O'Donnell, C.; Keogh, A.; Kotlyar, E.; Grigg, L.; Bullock, A.; Disney, P.; Dwyer, N.; Whitford, H.; Tanous, D.; Frampton, C.; Weintraub, R.; Celermajer, D.
2015Casual catastrophe or contentment: is casual employment related to ill-health in young South Australians?Matthews, N.; Delfabbro, P.; Winefield, A.
2015Burden on informal caregivers of elderly cancer survivors: risk versus resilienceJones, S.; Whitford, H.; Bond, M.
2015Learning organisations: A literature review and critiqueTalbot, S.; Stothard, C.; Drobnjak, M.; McDowall, D.; Defence Science and Technology Organisation
2015NMFE-SSCC: non-negative matrix factorization ensemble for semi-supervised collective classificationWu, Q.; Tan, M.; Li, X.; Min, H.; Sun, N.
2015The neural correlates of risky decision making across short and long runsRao, L.; Dunn, J.; Zhou, Y.; Li, S.
2015Moving beyond qualitative evaluations of Bayesian models of cognitionHemmer, P.; Tauber, S.; Steyvers, M.
2015The efficacy of a self-managed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy intervention DVD for physical activity initiationMoffitt, R.; Mohr, P.