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2016Awareness of Stress-reduction Interventions: The Impact on Employees' Well-being and Organizational AttitudesPignata, S.; Boyd, C.; Gillespie, N.; Provis, C.; Winefield, A.
2016A systematic review of the factor structure and reliability of the Spence Children's Anxiety ScaleOrgilés, M.; Fernández-Martínez, I.; Guillén-Riquelme, A.; Espada, J.; Essau, C.
2016Characterizing and predicting trajectories of disordered eating over adolescenceFairweather-Schmidt, A.; Wade, T.
2016Estimating the reliability of eyewitness identifications from police lineupsWixted, J.; Mickes, L.; Dunn, J.; Clark, S.; Wells, W.
2016Representational pseudoneglect for detecting changes to Rey-Osterrieth figuresAniulis, E.; Churches, O.; Thomas, N.; Nicholls, M.
2016Shared versus distinct genetic contributions of mental wellbeing with depression and anxiety symptoms in healthy twinsRoutledge, K.; Burton, K.; Williams, L.; Harris, A.; Schofield, P.; Clark, C.; Gatt, J.
2016Challenging the notion of the transition year: the experiences of rural and urban tertiary studentsWilson, A.L.; Greenacre, L.; Pignata, S.; Winefield, A.
2016ProBDNF signaling regulates depression-like behaviors in rodents under chronic stressZhou, L.; Liu, D.; Zeng, Y.; Wang, T.; Tian, C.; Liao, H.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Zhou, X.
2016Adult regularization of inconsistent input depends on pragmatic factorsPerfors, A.
2016A longitudinal study of the predictors of perceived procedural justice in Australian University staffPignata, S.; Winefield, A.; Provis, C.; Boyd, C.