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2018People of diverse genders and/or sexualities and their animal companions: experiences of family violence in a binational sampleSignal, T.; Fraser, H.; Donovan, C.
2018The link between domestic violence and abuse and animal cruelty in the intimate relationships of people of diverse genders and/or sexualities: a binational studyRiggs, D.W.; Taylor, N.; Fraser, H.; Donovan, C.; Signal, T.
2018Development of a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer framework: a shared process to guide effective policy and practiceBrands, J.; Garvey, G.; Anderson, K.; Cunningham, J.; Chynoweth, J.; Wallington, I.; Morris, B.; Knott, V.; Webster, S.; Kinsella, L.; Condon, J.; Zorbas, H.
2018A self-management support program for older Australians with multiple chronic conditions: a randomised controlled trialReed, R.; Roeger, L.; Howard, S.; Oliver-Baxter, J.; Battersby, M.; Bond, M.; Osborne, R.
2018Changes to online control and eye-hand coordination with healthy ageingO'Rielly, J.; Ma-Wyatt, A.
2018A network meta-analysis comparing effects of various antidepressant classes on the Digit Symbol substitution test (DSST) as a measure of cognitive dysfunction in patients with major depressive disorderBaune, B.; Brignone, M.; Larsen, K.
2018Analysis of the influence of microRNAs in Lithium Response in Bipolar DisorderReinbold, C.; Clark, S.; Schubert, K.; Baune, B.; Cichon, S.
2018Efficacy of a telephone outcall program to reduce caregiver burden among caregivers of cancer patients [PROTECT]: a randomised controlled trialHeckel, L.; Fennell, K.; Reynolds, J.; Boltong, A.; Botti, M.; Osborne, R.; Mihalopoulos, C.; Chirgwin, J.; Williams, M.; Gaskin, C.; Ashley, D.; Livingston, P.
2018Physical activity, sedentary behavior, and diet-related eHealth and mHealth research: bibliometric analysisMüller, A.; Maher, C.; Vandelanotte, C.; Hingle, M.; Middelweerd, A.; Lopez, M.; DeSmet, A.; Short, C.; Nathan, N.; Hutchesson, M.; Poppe, L.; Woods, C.; Williams, S.; Wark, P.
2018Exploring psychological wellbeing in a sample of Australian actorsRobb, A.; Due, C.; Venning, A.